The Ultimate Website Redesign Checklist and Planning Guide

Website redesign is the process of improving and updating a website to enhance the user experience (UX) and keeping the website up-to-date with latest trends and technologies. A website redesign checklist helps us in avoiding the pitfalls of poor planning and execution.

Following a website redesign checklist also ensures a systematic and complete execution of all the SEO perspectives before a website gets live.

Pre-launch website redesign checklist

What to check right before site goes live?

what to check before website launch

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How Local Businesses Can Use Snapchat to Grow

use snapchat to grow business They are between the ages of 18 and 34. They have tons of talent, travel in packs and tend not to trust mainstream media and traditional advertising. They're millennials, and your local business isn't likely to grow without them. The question is how to connect with them, convince them to give your brand or business a look and then convert them into customers. The...

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Hiring an SEO Consultant: Discerning the Good from the Bad

how to hire a good seo consultant Hiring a good SEO consultant successfully is the culmination of various carefully considered parameters. A good SEO(or search engine optimizer) is a person who can work towards making your site rank #1 on search engines such as Google, in a spot where an unbiased customer would like your site to be seen. A good SEO also likes to improve your site's entire searcher experience, from search results to clicking on...

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Bracing Up to the Challenges of Lean Periods in Business [Podcast]

Bracing Up to the Challenges of Lean Periods in Business Entrepreneurs have to tackle various challenges during the first years of business to stay afloat. While some startups have the going easier through VC funding, the majority are bootstrapped and have to make tough decisions to stay in business. Typical problems that entrepreneurs face include service or product offerings, pricing structure, customer acquisition, and legal issues. Listen...

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