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"Hello GMR team; I just wanted to say I see an increase in leads and applications listing 'internet search' as their means of finding CMU. I have seen an increase in active military finding CMU!"
Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!

- Jeanie Foster
Director of Operations 
California Miramar University

Global Marketing Resources is a professional, well rounded business. From my experience, they are a dynamic team that focuses on the needs of the consumer and applies the need effectively into their work. From my research, they are among the best at what they do. I look forward to doing business with them again in the near future, and I would recommend them to anyone in need of the services that they offer.

- Vanessa Frank

GMR WEB TEAM and the leadership of Steve Burgess are very hard working professionals who really care about providing a top quality website design at a reasonable price. They have been a great company to truly partner with and made our entire website design and implementation process a breeze. I would recommend them to anyone!
Steve, thank you for a job well done and the forever continued support!

- Edward Fitzgerald, President of E. Fitzgerald, Inc.

Prior to utilizing the services of Ajay Prasad and Global Marketing Resources, my website generated almost no leads or business for my law firm. In just a few short months after allowing Ajay and his team to perform their services, my website's visibility has improved such that I have received numerous phone calls and emails from potential clients based upon the improved visibility of my website. Ajay's process allows my firm to obtain direct contact from potential clients who are searching for an attorney on the internet rather than having to pay a high monthly fee to a website company for a reserved region that refers potential clients to my office.

- Martin Dack

The local search marketing program from GMR Web Team is doing wonders for my business. I used to use a pay-per-click system at more than twice the price and much poorer results. I am not only getting more traffic and leads but the quality of the traffic and leads is SO much better. It is really helping our business in a big way. I would highly recommend every small business to sign up for the GMR program. In fact, any business that doesn't use this service is making a huge mistake!

- R. Martinez,

We are extremely thankful to the entire development staff at GMR Web Team who developed a free online widget that can be downloaded and used on any website/personal blog. It is a great help for us at Akshaya Patra. Akshaya Patra runs the world's largest NGO-run midday meal program for school children. The widget was developed in less than 2 days and it has boosted our online presence considerably. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the entire team for their hard work and timely support.

- Lakshmi,

I began working with GMR when I wanted to start my company around 3 years ago. I knew that I had to pick a company who I could work with for years and years to come. I wanted a company that was professional and who would work with me. I cannot tell you how happy I have been with GMR. They are professional, always get back to me in a quick manner, and have made a great website for me. In the feedback section I always get comments on how nice my website is.

Ajay is both a mentor and incredible to work with. Thank you GMR for all your help throughout the years.

- Sumita Dalal

"Before I started using the Street Smart Local Search program my website had a number of problems and was nowhere to be found. Now I am on the first page for 12 different, relevant search terms and getting increased web traffic and phone calls every month. This system works and it is affordable too! I would recommend this program to any small or medium size business who wants to be on the first page of Google and get more business."

- Mike Fox, Owner 
Auto Glass Authority

"....Also, I did want to note that YTD 2010 we are up 70% in number of applications received, versus YTD 2009. More importantly, the number of approved applications is up 400% over the YTD 2009. New approvals is the lifeblood of this business. There are others reasons than just advertising, but GMR is definitely doing something right. Keep up the good work.... "

- Bret Wilson

"Ajay...your energy is contagious. You are one of those "Authentic human beings" who are who they are because they have no fear of judgment and no need to control others. Thank you for your time and knowledge"

- Marri Cunniff,
RE/MAX College Park R.E.

"GMR Web Team is a great company to work with. I've enjoyed my experience with them and feel confident to outsource my web projects to them for development, because they can do any type of site, from the simplest to the most complicated and deeply programmed site. They are big into pre-testing before launch, too, which any client can appreciate. The team is dedicated and highly communicative. On top of that, they are more affordable than other companies I've received bids from on each job. I can personally and highly recommend GMR for any website job. They truly do aim to please. I've had no unhappy clients! Thank you, GMR, for your great work and fast turnaround."

- Sandra Rea-McGinty
Master Marketing & PR 
Orange County, CA

"I couldn't have built my business without GMR. I had an idea but needed a team of experts to help me. And boy, did they. My success is a direct result of working with GMR."

- Nancy C.

"What a team. I had no idea where to start. My old website was getting zero results. They showed me all the right steps to take and supported me completely. And we can see the results.in the cash register!"

- Stephanie L.

"The GMR team does it all. We followed their expert advice and started with the research. What a revelation! GMR then created our web strategy, our website, and is doing our online marketing. The results speak for themselves - fantastic sales."

- Kimmy B.

"OnlineBizHQ was founded by experienced entrepreneurs. We knew we needed research, a comprehensive web strategy, and the best team. After looking at many companies, we found the only choice was GMR. It is the only team we found with the expertise, experience, and proven success we required. Great Team!"

- Charles V.

"I would only use Global Marketing Resources to build my business. They are a true partner. I would not make a single important decision without consulting with them. They have the proven expertise every entrepreneur wants and needs."

- Nancy Callihan, Founder, Slinkets

"Building a business is difficult and you get caught up in the daily details all the time. By working with Global Marketing Resources I have been able to free myself from the things I don't do well. I trust their knowledge, guidance, and counsel completely."

- Chip Shrode,
Owner, Image

"My business was struggling in the current economy. I knew I needed help. I am so fortunate to have found Global Marketing Resources. Their expertise and experience is outstanding. I looked for years before finding them and I will never leave. They are the best if you want to build your business."

- Stephanie Lamons,
Urbanism Furniture

"As a professional marketing consultant working primarily with small and growing businesses, I have spent literally years searching in vain for a website design and online services company that truly understood business and what businesses need most:  Real, tangible results delivered on time with an affordable price tag. GMR WebTeam is not just a team of programmers that will design a nice-looking website, throw a lot of techie language at you, and "sell" you expensive marketing that simply makes no sense to your unique business and needs . GMR walks with you step by step, from interviewing you one-on-one, conducting extensive research on your business, competition and online audience, and uncovering your personal and business goals. Then and only then, will they offer website design and ongoing marketing advice. It has been such a relief to find a company that does business the 'right' way, and really cares about their client's success. GMR does not build websites, they build profitable web businesses. I wouldn't work with anyone else."

- Nicole Fronczak,
Revolution Marketing.

"GMR has made the process of getting a web site up and running so simple. Every concern and request I had was answered promptly and with concern. I highly recommended them to everyone I know. I searched through a lot of different companies and found GMR to offer amazing value for their services. I am so pleased with my web site and all the services GMR provides me."

- Lauren Carroll,
Professional, Organizer,
Miami fl.

Given our low margin due to the competitive nature of our business and high cost of sophisticated database development, we could not have gotten in the business without the low cost of website development and maintenance by GMRWebTeam. While the functionality of (http://www.gmrtranscription.com/) looks simple, I know that lot of work has gone in the development of user interface and database to accomplish it.

- Gerard U.
Gmrtranscription Services

I am a regular user of GMRWebTeam services for keeping my website refreshed. Due to their varied needs, several of my clients are even bigger users of GMRWebTeam.

- Sreekanth,
Principal Consultant, Y2Marketing

We approached Ajay in March '04 when we were barely breaking even with about 20 surgeries a month and approximately $2 million annual billing. His methodical approach of understanding the business environment, competition and customers, and using this information to develop effective marketing message has turned out to be most effective. He instituted direct marketing, print marketing and internet marketing programs, which has resulted in over 80 surgeries a month and our annual billing rate of over $10 million by August '04. Our doctors are so overworked that we are actively looking to add new surgeons.

Over 90% of all our new business, and 100% of growth, comes from internet marketing. Ajay developed our website http://www.beliteweight.com/ from scratch using his GMRWebTeam for a fraction of the cost of quotations we received from other companies, and we are actively using their low cost maintenance team for regular refreshing of the website. I highly recommend his services to any business that is looking to use website actively for growing their business.

- Joanne N.,
President, Beliteweight, Tijuana, Mexico

At first, the communication between GMR web designers and us were not to our expectations. After airing our frustrations, we found that GMR's customer service team provides good to above-average communication. They have been very thorough in probing the details of our instruction, making sure they provide a website just as we imagined (and better), and they are patient with all requests. Often they respond and make requested changes within a 24 hour to a 48 hour time period! We are very pleased with their work and their professionalism.

I've been with GMR for almost a year now, and I am very happy with them. They are fast to respond to revisions and requests, and they know how to communicate well. I definitely recommend their services.

Thanks! (http://www.personaltrainer4you.com/)

- Amanda Aggoune

"The GMRWeb Team was awesome. There price was very reasonable for the services they provided for me, and they finished the product ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend them" (http://www.trinityphotography.com/)

- James Francel,
Owner/Lead Photographer, Trinity Photography

We have found GMR to provide outstanding service for us. We had a major revision to our website that we thought would take days to complete and instead it was done overnight. And, despite the complexity of the changes, it was completed without an error. Truly outstanding! Thank you GMR.

- Corporate Toolbelt and Speakers Alive!

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