About the Company

Reign Dental is a trusted dental service provider with a location in the greater Seattle area and another in Milton, WA.


Reign Dental opened their first location in Shoreline, WA and signed with us after. In this case, there was no history. They were a new dental practice ready to grow.


As a new practice, the opportunities were many! They had to start building their online presence from the ground up. An online marketing strategy could help grow their brand.

reign dental

Growth Solutions

As there were so many competitors of Reign Dental in Shoreline, Milton, and nearby cities, we had to create and implement a personalized marketing strategy for them to fuel their business growth. This plan would also include several aspects of digital marketing such as search engine optimization, website design, paid search ads, social media marketing, video production, content creation and branding.

We managed their business reputation and helped them earn their patient’s trust by delivering the information their patients were already looking for.

We also built a mobile-friendly website that allows visitors to find what they’re looking for, get detailed information on dental services or answers to their questions, and easily contact either of their dental offices.


After making significant changes to the website, there were several improvements over the next 7 months.