Dental Implant Marketing Strategies to Increase Patient Acquisition

Attract and increase patient traffic towards your practice.

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Key Benefits of Implant Dentistry Marketing

Stand Out Online

Rank Higher On Search Engine

Leverage SEO and PPC strategies to rank at the top of local search result pages.

Engage Your Patients

Create Trust And Build

Monitor your online reputation to build credibility and trust with prospective patients.

Improve Online Reputation

Become a Highly Recommended Practice

Leverage your network to become a highly referred practice in your local area.

Competition is extremely fierce in the dental implant market. General dentists and other specialists are broadening their services to include implant work which affects your ability to attract patients. But with the right dental implant marketing strategy, you can stand out from the competition and build your patient and network base. At GMR Web Team, we construct a dental marketing plan designed to achieve your practice’s goals so you can get the best return on your investment.

Dental Implant Marketing

Appear at the Top of Search Engine Results

Is your practice more geared towards an older audience? Does your practice want to advertise in a specific geographic region? GMR Web Team helps you define your audience and creates a comprehensive plan to get the most out of your traffic. We use intent-based targeting methods like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns to increase relevant traffic and conversions on your website that will guide quality patients to your practice. Our dental implant marketing experts push you to the top of the search results to maximize your online visibility.

Improve Online Reputation

Improve Your Online Reputation to Increase Credibility

With a procedure as visible and permanent as dental implants, prospective patients are looking for a credible, trustworthy, and ethical practice. Having a stellar online reputation is essential to convince a prospective patient to choose your practice. In your dental implant marketing plan, we use our proprietary reputation management software to increase your number of genuine reviews and gather instant feedback on patient sentiment towards your practice. Managing your online reputation gives you insight on how to improve your practice that will lead to more reviews, credibility, trust, and quality patients.

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Be Highly Recommended Practice in Your Local Area

Many prospective patients will seek a referral from their primary dentist for a dental implant specialist before conducting their research. Therefore, it’s essential for you to be the first practice that comes to mind when general dentists give their referrals. In your implant dentistry marketing strategy, we design a relationship outreach and maintenance program that includes email marketing, blog content, and social media campaigns. Developing a strong relationship with your existing patient base will encourage them to refer your practice and ultimately grow your practice.

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