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Plaza Dental Group is a renowned dentistry in Des Moines, Iowa that provides complete dental care solutions in a comfortable setting.

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Their Situation

Located in the most populated city in Iowa, Plaza Dental Group had a lot of opportunities to grow. Yet, their new patient count was much lower than expected as a result of poor online reviews and low search rankings.

Because of low search ranking and poor reviews, patients weren’t finding them online. And for those that found them online, they went to other competitors instead because of their poor online reputation. As a result, GMR Web Team knew how to find ways to prevent any more damage to their medical practice and help Plaza Dental Group reach its full potential.


Search Results:
Appearing on page 5+ on search results meant that there were a lot of open opportunities to increase their rankings on the search results page and increase online visibility.

Because of their poor online reputation, Plaza Dental Group was losing potential patients to competitors with better reviews. Improving online reputation presented a significant opportunity for growth.

Our Solution

We began to focus on Plaza Dental Group’s online reputation. With the help of our own proprietary online reputation software, RepuGen, we provided Plaza Dental Group with strategies on how to increase positive reviews from patients to overshadow the previously prominent negative reviews. This would ultimately improve their overall average score.

After seeing their online reputation drastically improve, we moved on to boosting their ranking on search results. We focused our efforts on location-specific keywords to capture and dominate the local market.

We also redesigned a more mobile-friendly website to give a better user experience and boost ongoing SEO efforts. Furthermore, our content marketing, social media, and paid advertising (PPC) campaigns complemented one another to improve search rankings and drive more traffic to the website.


Average Growth Rate

Increase in revenue from
new patients.

Increase in total
weekly traffic.

  • On both paid (PPC) and organic (SEO) search, Plaza Dental Group is now ranked on the first page for all major keywords.
  • The viral content marketing campaign also drove 900-1,000 unique visitors to their website each week making up 11.09% of their total weekly traffic now.
  • Furthermore, due to their influx of online referrals, we have increased their revenue from new patients by 233%.

Dr. Steffany Mohan, DDS
Owner & President of Plaza Dental Group

Great results, great team! They understand your business needs perfectly and are very responsive in addressing your questions or concerns. They’ve helped us for years in building our online presence and getting us new patients from the internet. I highly recommend GMR Web Team!

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