Smile Arizona Dentistry

Smile Arizona Dentistry is a trusted dental service provider offering complete dental care to the local Arizonian communities, including Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, and Phoenix.

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Total Appointment Requests from the Website Improved by 121.87% in one year.

Their Situation:

Smile Arizona was looking for help in increasing their online visibility on Google. They also did not have many new patient inquiries through their website and have mostly relied on referrals from patients or insurance listings.

Our Solution:

After researching and gaining an in-depth understanding of their situation, GMR Web Team created a customized digital marketing solution that included:

Website Design & Creation:

  • Created a customized website with high-resolution images, dedicated service pages, and appointment request forms-all of which helped improve the user experience on the website
  • Worked on website architecture and on-site optimization by
    • Optimizing website URLs for all the pages
    • Ensuring proper redirection of old URLs
    • Updating website images with proper names, resolution, and alt tags
  • Improved the website's design on mobile devices since 61% of the users were coming on the website through smartphones

Content Creation & Online Visibility:

  • Created service pages with SEO content, which resulted in improved search rankings for all major dental service-related keywords like “dentist near me” and “Scottsdale dentist”
  • Worked on improving the brand visibility by creating informational articles and blogs which established Smile Arizona Dentistry as an authoritative dental brand committed to educating patients
  • Worked on improving the rankings for relevant searches and ranked among the top-3 results for conversion-oriented keywords like ‘dentist near me’, ‘Scottsdale dentist’ and ‘dentist in Scottsdale’
  • Optimized Google My Business profile and improved the practice's local visibility

Online Reputation Management:

  • With our reputation management tool, we proactively generated regular reviews from happy patients to build prospective patients’ confidence
  • Improved patient satisfaction and recovery of dissatisfied patients by helping the client understand the factors responsible for their patients' satisfaction or dissatisfaction


Average Growth Rate


Increase in organic traffic to the website and blog posts


Increase in total
online reviews


Increase in total appointments requests to the website


Increase in new patient registrations from the website

What Makes GMR Web Team Different?

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Account Manager

You will receive an account manager who will manage every aspect of your patient acquisition and retention strategies. Think of us as your very own marketing consultant!

Proprietary Platforms and Marketing Technology

Proprietary Platforms and Marketing Technology

Our best-in-class, proprietary solutions will help you proactively manage your online reputation, ensure a seamless patient experience, and achieve greater patient satisfaction.

No Long-term Contracts

No Long-term Contracts

We do not bind you to inconvenient contracts. Instead, we prioritize winning your business every month by delivering tangible results.