Oral Surgery Marketing Aimed to Attract Patients

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Key Benefits of Oral Surgery Marketing

Online Reputation

Prove Your Credibility With a Strong Online Reputation

Make sure your online reviews accurately reflect your practice and expertise

More Referrals

Generate More Referrals with an Outreach Plan

Become a highly recommended practice by other dentists and patients.

Improve Online Reputation

Find Quality Patients Using Intent-Based Targeting

Connect with patients who are actively searching for an oral surgeon.

Oral surgery is a very specialized form of dental care, and prospective patients are typically unaware of the unique care and expertise that oral surgeons can provide. These patients may look elsewhere for care which means fewer patients for your oral surgical practice. We are here to help you connect with more prospective patients, grow your patient base, and maximize your dental online marketing return on investment. At GMR Web Team, we have extensive experience creating a comprehensive oral surgery marketing plan, so you can focus on providing quality care to your patients.

Pediatric Dental Marketing

Develop a Stellar Online Reputation to Build Trust & Credibility

To prove your credibility, you need to have a great online reputation with many reviews that praise your ethical practice, stellar work, and quality service. In your oral surgery marketing strategy, we utilize our reputation management system to make sure your online reputation accurately reflects your quality work. Our system is an easy and automated process that generates genuine reviews and provides in-depth reports about patient feedback to help you improve your overall patient experience.

Oral Surgery Referral Marketing

Increase Referrals with a Custom Outreach Plan

Referrals are still essential to bringing in patients and growing your practice. Our oral surgery marketing experts will ensure that you are the first practice your network thinks of when giving out referrals. We design an oral surgery referral marketing plan that reaches out to patients who have expressed strong positive sentiments towards your practice. We also network with your patients and other physicians via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. By having this connection, you remind them how your service is always here for them whenever they or someone they know may need it.

Oral Surgery Marketing

Connect with Patients Actively Looking for an Oral Surgeon

Best practice for marketing your oral surgery service is to make sure your practice is at the top of the search results page for the right keywords and in front of the right audience. As part of your oral surgery marketing plan, we utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing campaigns that drive up website traffic and conversions. We make sure your practice shows up for highly searched keywords that are relevant to your practice and for searches within your local area. Your audience is as specific as your service so we make sure you reach out to the right prospective patients and drive them to your practice.

Connect with us to improve the patient acquisition rate of your practice.

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