Concierge Medical Practice Marketing to Increase Patient Acquisition Rate

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Concierge Medical Practice Marketing Services

Whether you have been offering concierge medical care services for a long time or you are just starting your practice, you will need an effective and result-driven marketing strategy to create awareness about your services for your target patients. We create marketing solutions that bring in more prospective patients and convert them into leads while increasing your online presence.

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Website Optimization for Lead Generation

Your website needs to be found immediately by your prospective patients searching online to find a concierge medical practice near them. We optimize your website and make sure it is :

  • Fast – Only a website that loads in less than 3 seconds generate more leads
  • Secure – Google supports only the sites that are secure and comply with HTTPS guidelines
  • Mobile-Friendly – Helps your prospects access your website through their smartphones
  • SEO-Friendly – Makes it easy for the search engines to find, crawl, and index your site
  • Informative - We educate your prospective patients about your services and explain the benefits of your services and convince them to choose you over any other provider

Optimizing your site ensures more leads and better conversions.


Be Found by Your Target Patients

Our custom search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies improve your online rankings and ensure that your website is easily found for the searches made by your target patients. We make sure your website ranks highly for relevant keywords for concierge medical care services and is engaging and easy-to-use for your prospective patients.


Online Reputation Management to Increase Patient Reviews

Patient reviews can impact patient acquisition, clinical outcomes, and success of the hospitals. Our online reputation management software comes with an automated process that helps your practice gather positive patient reviews and feedback. With a strong online presence, your concierge medical practice will help to retain existing patients and attract more patients.


Video Marketing for Increased Traffic

A video is 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results compared to text pages. Video marketing is crucial, as more patients are turning to YouTube for healthcare information. We can create high-quality animated videos that communicate your services and expertise on treatments and procedures to your prospective patients in a powerful and engaging way.


Experience the Results with Our Proven Marketing Solutions

Our marketing experts will closely monitor your online presence, patient satisfaction, and the performance of your marketing campaigns to ensure that you get the results and ROI. We will also share a monthly report that includes an action plan for the next month’s activities.

No Contracts, Just Results!

  • No long-term contracts
  • Expertise in building complex healthcare websites or platforms
  • Proprietary reputation management software
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Concierge Medical Practice Marketing FAQs

We create customized and effective marketing solutions that increase your online presence, enabling you to connect with the patients interested in your practice.

We take the time to understand your practice, ideal patients, and services provided. Then, we create a customized marketing plan that helps to reach your target patients and ultimately create the impression that is required to attract them.

We use a wide range of marketing strategies to promote your concierge medical practice including search engine optimization, listings management, online reputation management, video marketing, social media marketing, and paid advertising.

It will take 5 to 6 months to see results depending on your current online presence, the level of competition, and the type of marketing service. However, our paid advertising campaigns will provide immediate conversions and you will see the impact of results within one to two months. Speak with our marketing experts to get a better idea.

Concierge medical practice marketing helps you build your brand online and generate new patients and profits through different platforms. To increase the reach and awareness of your practice, concierge medical marketing is important and highly recommended