The 3 Pillars of Patient Acquisition Marketing

Positive Patient Experience

Retain a strong network and
referral base for your practice

Stellar Online Reputation

Helps you stand out in your
locality and against competitors

Robust Online Presence

Increases the likelihood of
patients finding you online

Patient Acquisition Marketing… Redefined

Our marketing principles are rooted in patient acquisition. We will develop your online reputation by improving and capitalizing on these positive patient experiences, and execute tailored marketing strategies to draw prospective patients. By honing in on patient experience as your foundation, we’ll position your practice to excel in an increasingly digital world. Think of us as your personal marketing department, ready to transform your practice.

We have a simple philosophy: everything we do is to improve your new patient numbers – and it starts with their healthcare experience.

Our Expertise and Your Business Health

No matter how patients hear about you, they will eventually research you through the internet before making a decision. Are you visible on Google search? Do you have a stellar online reputation on Yelp and Healthgrades? As a modern healthcare marketing company, we’re always staying ahead of the curve to provide forward-thinking marketing solutions. Our curiosity and expertise allow us to not only get you visible on the web, but also show prospective patients why your practice is the best choice for their healthcare needs.

“47% of internet users search for information about doctors or other health professionals”

-Pew Research

Industry Research

Our passion for patient happiness led us to research and publish this comprehensive benchmark report. Data was aggregated through our proprietary patient satisfaction and reputation management software, RepuGen. Among other findings, the data illustrated that patients are much happier than the average Yelp or Google review may lead you to believe. The takeaway: your online reputation is critical to your practice’s health, but you must be proactive.

Ask us about our free report today and compare it to your online reputation. Does it measure up?

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