Healthcare Digital Marketing Internship Program

GMR Web Team is a full-service healthcare digital marketing agency that specializes in internet strategy, web design, web maintenance, and online reputation management for medical & dental practices. We focus on generating return on investment for healthcare practices through the efforts of our team of internet marketing professionals. Our company has been ranked one of Orange County's fastest growing businesses by the Orange County Business Journal, and we're constantly seeking Digital Marketing Interns to work with our team and grow their knowledge and skills in the growing field of digital marketing.


Job Description:

Marketing Interns will work closely with our marketing team to gain a deeper understanding of digital marketing and its importance, with a focus on content marketing.

A Marketing Intern’s work will consist of content creation and management for GMR clients, introduction to search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, website design, and digital PR. They will research and analyze clients and will help develop the best strategies for them.

We have developed a marketing internship for you to gain hands-on experience in the online marketing field. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to dig deeper into the digital marketing world – a very fast growing field that many employers are looking for in new marketing hires. Increase your value and give yourself an edge on your peers!

We also train our interns to become Google Analytics and Google AdWords certified.


Primary Duties Will Include:

  • Write blogs and weekly content for clients
  • Create social media posts
  • Analyze content strategies and present findings to supervisors
  • Handle various copywriting duties for website content
  • Understand and create strategies and track performance metrics for various campaigns
  • Assist with monthly email marketing campaigns and newsletters
  • Assist supervisors with various digital marketing initiatives

Digital Marketing Interns MUST:

  • Have exceptional oral and written communication skills
  • Have a keen interest in digital marketing; prior experience is NOT required
  • Be fluent in social media platforms such as G+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Be willing and motivated to learn

Desired major(s): Business, Marketing, Communications (or related fields)

Hours: 15-20 / week (M-F) – Hours are flexible

Duration: Fall Session (18 weeks), Spring Session (18 weeks), Summer (10 weeks)

This internship is for academic credit and could potentially lead to a job with GMR Web Team.

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See What Our Previous Interns Had to Say:


 I applied for this internship because like most college students, I wasn't sure which career path to pursue. That being said, my internship at GMR Web Team proved to be an invaluable experience that helped me realize that digital marketing was the right career option for me. The best aspect of this internship was the hands-on approach my supervisors took. You get direct exposure to various digital marketing projects like pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, website design, email and newsletter campaigns, reputation management, and best SEO practices. I came out of this internship with a fundamental understanding of what digital marketing is, and I couldn't be more grateful! 

Akaash Prasad, UC Irvine Economics Grad, Summer 2013


 GMR Web Team was the start of my digital marketing career. The internship was rigorous and tailored to ensure that I would gain a strong set of digital marketing skills. I was able to dip my hands into almost every aspect of digital marketing and work with other top-tier marketing professionals. This experience was well worth the time put in. I was way ahead of my graduating class when I graduated from college with a full time marketing role. Thank you GMR!  

Michelle Kop, CSUF Marketing Grad, Summer 2013


 Overall, I have to say I’ve really enjoyed my time with GMR Web Team. I learned a lot about stretching my own skills. I felt free to fail at certain things, and I felt that there was a lot of space to learn. I am confident that I could work an entry level position somewhere. My time at GMR has been a career blessing. Namaste.  

Alexa Oliphant, CSUF English Grad, Fall 2014

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 I am a college sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in Business Economics, and I had the pleasure of interning at GMR last summer as a social media marketing intern. Through my internship with GMR, I learned so much about digital marketing and about working in a professional firm. The company culture is open and the team was always willing to answer any of my questions. I learned everything from Google AdWords, to Google Analytics, to creating social media graphics, and to running marketing campaigns. I was able to apply the knowledge that I gained from the internship during my school year in increasing membership for the clubs I manage on campus. Overall, the experience I had with GMR was amazing, and I am proud to have been a part of the team.  

Judy Hyeon, Economics Major, UC Berkeley, Summer 2014


 My time interning with GMR Web Team was incredibly beneficial to my growth as a professional and an individual. It gave me the base I needed that led me on to other internships and professional endeavors. The experience I gained there also helped me better understand what industry I wanted to focus my career on. Thanks, GMR!  

Alexa Basinillo, CSUF Public Relations Major, Spring 2014


 Through my experience with GMR, I learned relevant and useful information that is not broadly taught. Their expertise in digital marketing was very apparent as they are constantly looking for ways to improve and stay current. As Google Partners, they keep good practices and are proficient with AdWords, Analytics, and more. I have witnessed their planning and strategic processes. They are efficient, thoughtful, and clever. Their company culture is tight-knit, professional, and cooperative; which I think is a good thing because there are no communication barriers.  

Theresa Roque, CSUF Marketing Major, Fall 2014


 Interning at GMR proved to be one of the most beneficial professional and personal experiences I have ever had. Their internship program is a fine and efficient balance between self-monitored and supervised work. Through them, I was given guidance on digital marketing industry standards but was also allowed to further explore other facets of the industry that interested me most. In my case, that turned out to be SEO and SEM. One thing I cannot praise enough of at GMR was their expectancy to contribute. Here, I wasn't a stereotypical intern making copies in the back room. Instead, I worked side by side by my supervisors with various clients where they provided support where ever needed. The overall experience and certifications that I walked away with from the internship actually paid off when I started my job search right before graduating. Personally, there was hardly a shortage of interviews from December to January until I accepted an offer from my current agency. 

Josh Prieto, CSUF Communications/Advertising Grad, Fall 2014


 I am so thankful for the wonderful opportunity to work with GMR Web Team. I have gained valuable, real world knowledge with this company. I have learned so much and I continue to learn something new every day. I have enjoyed the nice working environment and great company culture. My internship has given me the opportunity to further my knowledge about the Marketing field. I am grateful for GMR Web Team providing me with guidance, as well as allowing me to make my own decisions. I feel confident that this internship has prepared me for my professional career.  

Madison Kimura, CSUF Marketing Major, Spring 2015


 Interning at GMR Web Team has been an invaluable experience for me. I worked closely with my supervisors on numerous projects and each one touched a different aspect of digital marketing. I truly felt a part of the team and not your stereotypical intern. For each project I was involved in the every step from the brainstorming to the implementation. My supervisors were fantastic and challenged me to grow my skills and push my limits. I am confident that the skills I have learned from this internship have prepared me for my professional career.  

Jordan Matsunaga, CSUF Marketing Major, Summer 2015


 My internship at GMR Web Team was an incredible learning experience. As a senior at Cal State Fullerton I have had a few years of coursework in marketing, but nothing compares to the real-world experience that I gained while working with GMR. This internship program gave me the unique opportunity to learn about each of the many components of digital marketing, including social media, paid advertisements, web content, reputation management, and marketing analytics. Overall, I am extremely happy with my experience at GMR Web Team. I highly recommend this internship to others who are seeking opportunities to learn and grow in the field of marketing. Overall, I am extremely happy with my experience at GMR Web Team. I highly recommend this internship to others who are seeking opportunities to learn and grow in the field of marketing.  

Elisha Gupta, CSUF Marketing Major, Fall 2016


 With no prior professional experience in marketing, I was challenged to grow exponentially during my internship at GMR Web Team. It touched on every aspect of digital marketing from SEO to public relations and everything in between. I was given countless opportunities to work with actual clients, contribute at strategy meetings, and develop my own campaigns. The internship was catered to my personal skills and interests and it gave me the freedom to manage my time and work independently. I’d definitely recommend this internship to anyone who wants to explore the digital marketing in depth.  

Linh Ha, CSUF Marketing Major, Spring 2016 - Spring 2017


 Searching for a marketing internship that would help me discover if marketing is truly the right career path for me, GMR Web Team was the perfect place land in. I was able to work hands-on with every major aspect of digital marketing which included SEO, web content, strategy, analytics and social media. GMR Web Team worked with me to develop my personal skills and to carve out my marketing career path that I wanted to specialize in, which I found out to be analytics. I definitely recommend this internship to others who are seeking a career path in marketing as GMR Web Team’s internship program has what a person needs to make that decision.  

Luc Nguyen, UCI Business Economics Major, Winter 2017 – Summer 2017

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 Starting off my digital marketing career with GMR Web Team was a wonderful experience. Not only did I learn so many things about digital marketing, from content writing, to analytics, to pay-per-click, but I was also surrounded by supportive and patient supervisors that helped me fuel my growth both professionally and personally. I couldn’t have chosen a better company for my first internship. I am grateful to be part of an amazing and fun team. I definitely recommend this internship to those who are interested in digital marketing. Overall, this was a 10/10 experience.  

Lea Ibalio, UCI Business Economics Major, Summer 2017 - Winter 2017


 At GMR Web Team, I was able to gain valuable hands-on experience and learn many important components of digital marketing. I developed campaigns, strategized, wrote effective online content, managed social media posts, and analyzed data. The internship allowed me to be independent and manage my own projects that I was interested in. My supervisors at GMR were incredibly supportive and challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone. I highly recommend this internship to anyone who is looking to learn more about digital marketing and looking to gain relevant real-world experience.  

Pauline Ith, CSUF Business Marketing Major, Summer 2017 - Winter 2017


 I will always be grateful to GMR Web Team and everyone there for providing me with the first step in my marketing career. The internship attributed so much to my growth as a professional that I am not sure where I would be without it. I came to GMR Web Team as a senior marketing student with basic knowledge, but left with remarkably valuable skills and real-world experience that has created countless opportunities for my career. I was given the space and resources needed to learn and explore every aspect of digital marketing, along with the time to refine important skills. The team always had new projects for me to tackle, catering them to my biggest interests. I would absolutely recommend GMR Web Team’s internship program to anyone with an interest in the digital marketing field.  

Jonathan Garcia, CSUF Marketing Major Spring 2018 - Summer 2018


 I had the pleasure to be doing an internship at GMR Web Team during my last semester of senior year at Cal State Fullerton. As an international student, I had no prior work experience here in the US. I wanted to build myself a resume before graduation and develop some new skills. What’s great about this internship is that you only need to be eager to learn. Experience comes second. Each of my supervisors were very patient and were willing to teach and transmit. They will tailor your experience depending on what areas of digital marketing you want to discover or learn. Definitely better than taking a class! I personally highly recommend this company for your next internship!  

Marie Cohen, Cal State Fullerton Marketing Major, Spring 2018


  The skills that I have acquired while being a Digital Marketing intern at GMR Web team have been invaluable. The team had an established agenda for interns with work and projects being consistently assigned, and I consistently collaborated with others in a team environment. This is not an internship where you go and do coffee runs! All the work I was given was important and relevant, and I was able to be exposed to almost all aspects and avenues of digital marketing, including landing page design, analyzing Google Analytics KPIs, and social media content creation, etc. I am very grateful for the entire GMR Web Team and recommend GMR internship to any student looking to get into digital marketing.

Jonathan Vu, CSUF Marketing Major, September 2018 - July 2019


 The skillset I have gained while interning at GMR Web Team has been completely indispensable to my marketing career. Although I learned about marketing in many courses during my time at CSUF, nothing compares to the real-life digital marketing experience that I acquired while interning at GMR. The company culture instills a sense of openness and a team that is always willing to help. GMR made me feel like I was a part of the team and always asked which avenues of marketing I preferred so they could give me relevant projects to work on. I highly recommend an internship at GMR to anyone who is looking to learn about all aspects of digital marketing! 

Lauren Parr, CSUF Business Marketing Major Spring 2019


 My experience as a digital marketing intern at GMR Web Team has been wonderful. I have been exposed to different aspects of digital marketing including pay-per-click, web content, SEO, social media, and analytics. I have gained valuable hands-on experience and have really enjoyed collaborating in a team environment. I really appreciate how GMR provides interns the opportunity to work on projects that suit their areas of interest in digital marketing. I highly recommend this internship to anyone interested in gaining real-world experience in digital marketing! 

Michelle Lysengen, CSUF Marketing Major Spring 2019


Interning with GMR has been an incredible experience. The GMR team is full of motivated individuals who know how to have fun and get work done. During my time here, I've developed critical career skills and learned fundamental digital marketing skills in various avenues such as PPC, SEO, social media, email, and more. I've worked on valuable, relevant work with a great, supportive team. If you're looking for a real-world experience internship where your work is a valued contribution to the bigger picture, then GMR is a great place to be.

Karen Nguyen, CSUF - Business Marketing, Spring 2019 - Summer 2019

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