Cosmetic Surgery Marketing

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Cosmetic Surgery Marketing

Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Solutions to Attract High-Value Elective Procedures

Cosmetic and aesthetic procedures being an entirely cash-pay and consumer-direct business, make up for a highly competitive market segment. The cosmetic surgery business consists of a small group (though consistently increasing) of consumers, i.e., the cosmetic surgery patients, looking for the best value for their money, and a chain of cosmetic and aesthetic surgery practices working hard to capture the market space.

Amidst such a competitive landscape, you need a systematic cosmetic surgery marketing approach to find, attract, engage, and acquire your right patient mix. As your cosmetic surgery online marketing partner, we will help you to consistently acquire more new cosmetic surgery patients and help grow your practice to stay ahead of the competition.

Cosmetic Surgery Digital Marketing

Patients Are Going Online to Find the Right Provider

Today, patients consider all the available options before finally booking an appointment with the one. They evaluate each provider, the available treatments, and the surgical results. And, where are they doing all of this? It’s all on the internet. Online channels like search engines, social media, and review sites are empowering them to find the "right" provider.

All of this means that cosmetic surgeons have a greater chance to leverage these widely popular digital platforms as their primary channels to find and attract their ideal prospective patients.

Cosmetic Surgery Website Design

Cosmetic Surgery Website Design for Enhanced Look and Function

Potential patients don’t land on your website by chance. They search for a provider on Google, find your website, and click over it to learn more. Will they stay, and eventually become your patient? That depends on the impression your website leaves on them.

We’ll take care of everything that goes into making an impressive cosmetic surgery website. This includes format, design, content, ease-of-navigation, and latest web technology for enhanced look and experience to ensure a higher conversion rate from your website.

Cosmetic Surgery SEO

SEO for an Improved Online Presence of Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice

Your website is your storefront, and it needs to attract higher patient traffic for driving “sales” (of your services). Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to draw higher, relevant, and ready-to-convert patient prospects to your website by improving its online presence and visibility.

Optimizing your site for searches is an ongoing process and something that involves a range of activities, including:

  • Listing your site and maintaining name, address, and phone number (NAP) consistency across several local business directories for enhanced local visibility.
  • Creating and promoting useful content based on relevant search terms and queries for enhanced authority.
  • Generating quality backlinks from industry influencers to your website for improved trust and credibility.
  • Optimizing your site for higher responsiveness across all types of devices that your patients may be using for access, like desktops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Driving patient engagement on social media to build a community and better brand messaging.
Reputation Management for Cosmetic Surgeons

Reputation Management for Improved Trust and Enhanced Patient Experience

Potential patients rely on multiple sources when choosing a cosmetic surgeon. One of these sources is the review sites and their users (in this case, your patients). Your patients are likely to share how they feel about their experience, your service and quality of care with other patients on these open review platforms, namely Google+, HealthGrades, Real Patient Reviews, etc. This could mean a lot of positive reviews out there, and inevitably, a few negative ones too.

We’ll provide our proprietary online reputation management tool as part of our cosmetic surgery marketing solution that will help you drive positive reviews in high volume to minimize the threats that a few negative reviews could pose you online. The tool will also help you speed up the service recovery by notifying you about unhappy patients immediately, so you can address their concerns.

Additionally, our reputation management tool will keep analyzing the feedback data and will run sentiment analysis checks to provide you with a statistical report on how patients are feeling during their stay in your facility. This will help you learn about any areas of improvements and work on them ASAP to improve the overall patient experience at your clinic.

Cosmetic Surgery Marketing ROI

Evidence-Based Marketing for Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI)

We understand that you want measurable results and to know your return on investment. That’s why, we implement and adhere to unique, tailored, and highly-specific cosmetic surgery marketing plan for each practice to meet their specific needs. During the process, we take care of every aspect of your practice, including your prior marketing, marketplace demographics, competitor marketing, detailed practice and website evaluation and more, so that we could fetch only the best results for your practice.

We’ll be continuously testing, tracking, and adjusting the marketing campaigns, both paid and unpaid, and providing you with regular reports that will help you effectively measure the return on your marketing investments.

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