Dental Marketing

Improve Your Patient Acquisition, Retention, and Recovery

Dental Marketing

Dental Marketing – Innovative Ways to Evaluate and Grow Your Patient Base

Now more than ever, your patients are online and dental practices can no longer avoid the importance of a strong online presence and an effective reputation management strategy. However, very few dental practices understand this or are capitalizing on the necessity of a robust dental marketing strategy to attract new patients.

3 Pillars of Healthcare Business

Our “3 Pillars” Approach to Define a Unique Digital Marketing Strategy for Dentists

We at GMR Web Team understand that digital marketing may seem overwhelming to any dentist, but we know that having a tailored digital marketing strategy is a must. We provide our clients with a customized dental marketing strategy based on these three pillars:

A satisfied and loyal patient base

GMR will survey your patients immediately after a dental care visit and ensure you’re properly monitoring and improving the patient experience.

A stellar online reputation

GMR’s proprietary software will improve the reputation of your dental care center online, ensuring that positive reviews are posted consistently and negative reviews are limited.

A robust internet presence

As soon as the first 2 pillars are achieved, GMR will focus on the most daunting task for healthcare professionals: building a strong online presence.

“62% of patients use online reviews as a first step to find a new doctor/dentist.” - Software Advice

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Online Reputation for Dental Practice

Because [Online] Reputation Is Everything

We not only elevate your current patient base to ensure that your happy patients’ voices are heard, but also provide you with tools to manage and improve patient satisfaction at your office. Since your reviews are often the first thing a patient will look for, it needs to be the first step in building your online presence.

Dental Internet Marketing

Reap Rewards with a Robust Internet Presence

Once we’ve ensured that your online reputation is an accurate portrayal of your patient satisfaction, we make further efforts to improve your website’s search engine ranking in your locality by managing your site performance, content, and your online/social presence on a consistent basis.

Patient Acquisition for Dental Practice

With GMR, Patient Acquisition Is Beyond SEO

Today, any dental marketing solution needs to focus on patient acquisition. With the internet now becoming more and more prominent in the patient’s journey to find a dentist, you need GMR’s dental marketing strategy that positions your practice at the top of where your patients are searching the most. You must know what marketing techniques are working and what are not; because today dental marketing campaigns are beyond just Search Engine Optimization (SEO, or ensuring your practice is ranked high on search results). Today, there is more focus on a strategic management plan to improve your new patient flow in the future through online advertisements, active social media profiles, a responsive and easy-to-use website.

Dental Marketing Trends

Exploring the New Trends in Dental Marketing

Patients now expect a seamless experience when searching for a new dentist in their area. This requires everything from a strong presence on search engines and popular listing sites, to a mobile-optimized and modern website. The power of the internet can’t be avoided, but our expertise in the digital marketing for dentists will ensure a seamless experience...and ensure that you’re an easy choice for potential patients to make.

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We are an expert in dental marketing and provide our unique and effective ‘3 pillars marketing strategy’ across the U.S.

See the results of one of our dental clients below. Find out how we increased their revenue from new patients by 233%!

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We don’t just offer online marketing for dentists, we specialize in it.

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