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Dental Marketing Services to Create an Impression and
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Today, as most dental patients rely on the internet for oral and dental care related information, it’s your chance to create a positive impression on them by authoritatively promoting your dental practice across multiple online channels. Through branding, marketing, and educating efforts through websites, blogs, and social media, not only can you influence your patients’ impression of your dental practice but also their decision making.

Our full suite of integrated online dental marketing services will help you accelerate your growth by improving patient acquisition and retention.

Dental SEO

Dental SEO for Increased Brand Visibility and Higher Conversions

Differentiate yourself as a trusted dental care brand in your locality through local search engine optimization (SEO) and other internet branding tactics. Help your prospective patients find your practice immediately as they initiate their online search to find a dentist near them. Optimize your site for better conversions to ensure that patients who are coming to your site take a desired action, or schedule an appointment.

Dental Referral Marketing

Social Media for Enhanced Engagement and Improved Referral Networking

Always stay first and foremost in the minds of patients in your community. Become visible and easily accessible to your prospective and existing patients through social media community building. Engage your audience in topic-specific group conversations on Facebook and brand hashtag chats on Twitter to always keep them in the loop. Network with other dental specialists and general family dentists in your community on LinkedIn and Twitter to boost your efforts of building a dental referral pool.

Reputation Management for Dentists

Dental Reputation Management for Promoting Trust and Improving Patient Experience

Build and manage a stellar reputation as a dentist to reflect the accurate picture of patient satisfaction online. Implement an internal automated system to facilitate review generation from your patients. Access the patient sentiment analysis reports on patients’ feedback to find opportunities for improvement in areas like front office staff and any other patient care aspects. Get notified immediately when an unhappy patient submits negative feedback to initiate service recovery on time and as a result, reduce patient attrition rapidly.

Content Marketing for Dentists

Content Marketing for Building Authority and Credibility as a Dentist

Establish yourself as a go-to resource online for information and questions on dental care matters, while also creating positive impressions of your brand. Create and distribute branded content across all important online platforms, including your blog and social media platforms, to help boost rankings on Google and drive higher patient traffic to your website from there.

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Dental Patients Satisfaction Report

Download Industry Research on Patient Satisfaction for Dental Care Patients

We believe in improving your patients' overall experience through our marketing efforts. That led us to research and publish this comprehensive benchmark report on patient satisfaction for the dental care industry. We aggregated data through our company’s proprietary reputation management software, RepuGen. Among other findings, the data illustrated that patients are much happier than what the average Yelp or Google review scores may lead you to believe. The takeaway: you need to be proactive in managing your online reputation.

Get access to this report for free and compare it with your online reputation. Does your practice measure up?

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