Dental Reputation Management

Our dental reputation management software additionally includes:

  • Patient Sentiment Insights: Monitor patient sentiment for each of your dental clinic locations and doctors.
  • Service Recovery: Receive immediate notifications when patients are unhappy to conduct service recovery.
  • Management Insights: Use robust and real-time reporting to improve patient care.
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Boost Patient Acquisition Rate

Is Your Online Reputation Strong Enough to Boost Your Patient Acquisition Rate?

Dental patients want to confirm that they are in safe hands before they choose their dentist. Checking reviews online has become a general practice these days, before patients make a decision. Dental reputation management has a vital role to play if you are looking to expand your patient base.

It's worth looking at how these online reviews influence your website traffic and help with strengthening the trust of new patients in your dental practice. Your online reviews represent your patient satisfaction, whether it’s entirely accurate or not. It is a general observation that dissatisfied patients are more vocal online when compared to the satisfied patients, so, are you sure that your online patient satisfaction level is a clear reflection of your actual patient satisfaction?

 Dental Reputation Management

Stay Organized with Our Dental Reputation Management Solution

Yes, this is where our dental practice reputation management can help. Our solution includes a leading dental reputation management software that provides you with a seamless and automated process for generating reviews. More reviews will reflect a true picture of your actual patient satisfaction. Along with this, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your patients’ sentiments, which are compiled into in-depth reports within your own personal reputation dashboard.

“74% of people say that positive reviews make them trust a business more.” - Bright Local

Safeguard Online Reviews

Safeguard Your Credibility with Reviews

Since your reviews are often the first thing a patient will look for, it plays a vital role in building the online reputation of your dental care practice. It not only improves your SEO ranking, but also helps you build trust with potential new patients. Hence, with our dental reputation management tool, we’ll help your practice get reviews from your patients and encourage them to share their experiences online. This will increase your website’s traffic and safeguard your practice's online credibility.

Tackle Negative Reviews

Tackle Negative Reviews for Improved Patient Retention

As a dentist, you should respond to every review you receive, both positive and negative. For negative reviews, craft a mature response and apologize for the problem, while ensuring the patient and all who read your comment that you are taking steps to make it right. Remember not to place blame on the reviewer, and to sound as positive and helpful as possible.

To aid you in this process, our dental reputation management tool identifies unhappy patients when they leave feedback through our system and notifies the practice manager immediately so they can quickly respond to patients’ concerns, improving the chances of recovering unhappy patients. This gives you an opportunity to turn your most unhappy patients into loyal promoters of your practice.

Dental Reputation Management Guidance

We Also Assist You in Improving Patient Care

We at GMR are always happy to help a dental care practice in need of reputation management guidance. We believe in the necessity of online reviews and how Google (and other search engines) incorporate these into search results.

Whether you are a single-location practice or a multi-location practice group, you can easily measure patient satisfaction and view trends by locations and dentists to improve the patient care provided by them; through our dental reputation management solution. This will provide you with insights into your practice and quality of care, thus allowing you to find areas of improvement for your practice and help it achieve a stellar online reputation.

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