Ajay Prasad
The Founder's Corner Podcast by Ajay Prasad

Join serial entrepreneur Ajay Prasad, as business owners and entrepreneurs are invited to seek advice on their most prominent business struggles.

Empower Your Social Media with Sheila Pakdaman

Sheila Pakdaman is the Founder/CEO of iTutorU, a tutoring company focused on educational empowerment in Southern California and was recently nominated for Forbes30under30 for 2017. She received her B.S. in biopsychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara Psychology and Brain Sciences in 2010.


Swimming with Success with Amanda Freick

Amanda Freick is the owner of AmandaLouise Swimwear, a successful electrical engineer working in corporate sales, wife, and new mom. She started AmandaLouise in 2014 as a way to nurture her creative side, follow her passion for fitness and fashion, and empower women to live a beautifully badass life.


Taking Care of Your Digital Strategy with Zondra Wilson

Zondra is an actress, model and the founder of Blu Skin Care, which manufactures and distributes USDA certified organic and natural skin care products. In this episode, Ajay answer questions from Zandra on how she can make her business more profitable by creating a custom digital marketing strategy.


"Fail Quickly And Fail Cheaply" With Nick Ondrako of HIBR

Nick Ondrako is an entrepreneur from New York that loves building businesses. In 2014, Nick launched an online bedding company called FOHM on Kickstarter, selling the most technologically advanced pillow ever to hit the market. They changed the name to HIBR in 2015, and after 14 months in development launched the most comfortable mattress in February 2016.


Building On Your Own Success with Steve Benson of Badger Maps

Steve Benson is the Founder and CEO of Badger Maps. In 2012, he founded Badger Maps, the #1 Sales App in the Apple App Store, which helps Field Sales People be more successful. In this episode, he joins Ajay Prasad to discuss on how to build on your own success by targeting on customer pain points.