Boosting Practice Visibility & Aligning Marketing Strategies with Linsey Hammon

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Linsey Hammon

Linsey Hammon

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Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad

About the Episode

In this Founder’s Corner podcast episode, Ajay Prasad speaks with Linsey Hammon about her Dallas Fort Worth-based practice, Lighthouse Counsel Center, which offers unique support to children of seriously ill adults, a service scarce in North Texas. Linsey explores marketing challenges and strategies for reaching adult healthcare providers unaware of her services. Ajay recommends leveraging educational videos, and social media, and focusing marketing efforts, emphasizing LinkedIn's importance for professional credibility and networking. He advises on budget allocation for marketing and evaluates the effectiveness of chamber of commerce participation. The discussion concludes with actionable steps for Linsey to enhance her practice's visibility and impact, highlighting the importance of aligning marketing strategies with her mission.

  • Introduction and Background (00:00 - 02:59): Linsey Hammon's introduction, her background, and the overview of her work as a certified child life specialist.
  • Overview of Linsey's Private Practice (03:00 - 05:19): Detailed explanation of Linsey's transition from hospital to private practice and the services she offers.
  • Unique Aspects of Linsey's Service (05:20 - 09:26): Discussion on the uniqueness of Linsey's practice in providing support outside of a hospital setting, specifically to children and teenagers of adult patients with serious illnesses.
  • Marketing Challenges (09:27 - 13:04): Linsey shares the challenges she faces in marketing her services to adult healthcare providers who may not be familiar with the benefits her practice offers.
  • Strategies for Educating Potential Clients (13:05 - 21:26): Advice on creating educational videos and leveraging social media for marketing.
  • Focusing Marketing Efforts (21:27 - 24:42): Suggestions on focusing marketing efforts on a single channel and the importance of dominating it before expanding to others.
  • Utilization of LinkedIn and Budgeting for Marketing (24:43 - 31:40): Discussion on the importance of LinkedIn for professional outreach and establishing credibility. Also, recommendations on how to efficiently use a limited marketing budget.
  • Vision and Mission Statements (31:41 - 32:27): Discussion on the role of vision and mission statements in branding and identity.
  • Participation in Local Chamber of Commerce (32:28 - 36:14): Evaluation of the effectiveness of participating in local chamber of commerce events for business growth.
  • Concluding and Promotion (36:16 - 37:06): Wrap-up and final thoughts on marketing strategies

About Linsey Hammon:

Linsey Hammon is a certified child life specialist, grief counselor, and TBRI practitioner with over 25 years of experience in the field. Her career transitioned from working within a children's hospital to founding Lighthouse Counsel Center, a private practice in Dallas Fort Worth. This practice stands out for its focus on supporting children and teenagers who have a parent facing serious illness, filling a significant gap in services outside of hospital settings in North Texas. Linsey's work is characterized by her innovative approach to extending child life specialist support to a new demographic—children of adult patients. She aims to educate and collaborate with healthcare providers to recognize the value of her services, striving to make a substantial difference in the lives of families navigating the challenges of serious illnesses.

Episode Transcript

Speaker: Hello and thanks for joining today’s episode of the Founder’s Corner podcast hosted by Ajay Prasad. Join Ajay as he sits down with healthcare professionals to discuss ways of improving their marketing efforts. As an entrepreneur and private owner of several seven-figure web-based businesses, Ajay has now dedicated himself to helping healthcare professionals in building up their practices. If you would like to contact Ajay and become a guest on the Founder’s Corner podcast, fill out the form on our website.

In today’s episode, Ajay will be speaking with Linsey Hammon, a certified child life specialist, grief counselor and TBRI practitioner. Linsey has been working within this industry for over 25 years and has the goal of helping and supporting children, adolescents and families that are experiencing a life changing diagnosis, traumatic injury, crisis, and any loss. Hope you enjoy the show.

Ajay Prasad: Hi Linsey. How are you?

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