Frequently Asked Questions

Below we've tried to answer each of your potential questions as an existing or potential client. Please feel free to call us if any of your questions aren’t addressed below.

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Yes! We build customized healthcare marketing strategies for all our clients that include small, medium, as well as large medical and healthcare practices. This ensures a best-targeted marketing approach for your practice that can reach your potential patients at the most integral part of their decision-making process. Call us to learn more.

When people search for information on some medical issues, they may land at your popular blog. However, when your patients search for a specific medical service that they may be in need of, Google won't necessarily show your blog to them, but more likely a competitor's website. That's why you certainly need a search optimized website to reach your patients in the time of their need.

Absolutely. GMR has qualified content writers who are writing high quality pieces of medical/healthcare related content such as blogs, articles, newsletters, website copy, etc., that are highly informative, educational, and entertaining. We do charge extra depending on the topic and content that needs to be created.

In certain circumstances, we can send over our staff for your custom requirements. This will often depend on your location and distance from Orange County, CA - the location of our main office.

Yes, we already have some large practices who are our happy clients. Our affordability and our knowledge of the healthcare marketing industry are what is highly revered by our clients. In fact, even before deciding on a website, large healthcare practices will utilize our website strategy reports for creating optimized websites.

Experience & Expectations

Most local healthcare marketing programs achieve results in 4-6 months, but it all depends on the many factors that include the marketing package selected, the market area and the competition in the location you are targeting. Based on those variables, we always give you the best estimate.

We’ve been in the marketing industry since September 2004 and have designed a wide range of websites, and are confident that we can meet your needs. Not convinced? Please check out our portfolio for past/current projects and our testimonial page from satisfied customers. We have clients worldwide.

Account Management

That largely depends on your priorities. We don't require you to meet with us for anything, however, if you have some plans to discuss with us, you can most invitingly call us to schedule a formal meeting. Most of our clients are happy with us handling the implementation strategy and they just want to check in with a bi-weekly or bi-monthly call.

You decide! If you're close enough, we are happy to hold a person-to-person meeting with you. Otherwise, we can hold meetings on calls or video conferences too.

Mostly when you have to approve designs, content, provide information and images to us, and help us with listing verifications. If you're too busy to be approving designs and collaborating on projects when needed, maybe there is someone else on your team who you trust to coordinate the bulk of communications. Many of our clients trust us so completely, that they never bother to ask for anything except the monthly reports (that we provide through e-mail each month), where they can easily see their practices' performance.

Monthly Report

You can track your ROI through the call details of the phone number provided on your website and which is used for marketing campaign. Patients filling the appointment form on your website is also a direct way to track your ROI.

You will receive a reporting of sales, revenue, keyword rankings, and other relevant website metrics in the monthly reports. We’re all about detail and making sure that you understand every aspect of your reports. Should you have any questions, one of our account managers will be happy to walk you through your report.


It depends on a host of factors including the type of site, your purpose of having it, the design and set up, and also on your idea of a quality healthcare website. The only way to accurately answer this question is by contacting us and helping us understand your needs. So pick up your phone and give us a call (or drop us a line, if you prefer that).

Yes, certainly! Even a Facebook page with high social engagement, or stellar reviews on various review websites aren't good enough when you have to get ahead of your competitor practices in local searches online. For that, you'll not only need a website for your practice, but it should also be search engine optimized so it can rank higher in local search results on major search engines. Other major benefits of having a website for your practice are:

  • 24/7/365 business operation
  • increased visibility through local listings
  • ease of operation through allowing to fill and submit online application forms, patient medical history, and also for submitting any queries
  • your website can become a healthcare resource for your patients, thereby becoming a brand

We understand your cost concern as a small practice, but you should know that patients are constantly searching for medical services over the internet, so having an optimized website is the only way for your business to make money. On our part, we ensure that you get the best results for your investment so you can make up with the returns down the line. That being said, we offer two payment plans for website projects that fit almost any healthcare practice, no matter their size. Please call us for more information.

That's because as a full-service digital marketing agency, we put in a lot of time, energy, and money in designing and building a website for your practice that doesn't just look good, but is also highly optimized for all major search engines. Even then, we are offering comparatively lower rates than most competitors for optimized website design.

There are no hidden costs. You'll be charged a one-time setup fee and your monthly investment will be clearly identified in your contract.


We sincerely understand that a medical/healthcare practice is all about its reputation among its patients. That being said, we have a dedicated team and a system in place that focuses on building and managing your and/or your practice’s online reputation. We ensure that whenever people search for a medical or healthcare service online, the search results show robust online authority and reputation.

You need to register your business as DBA or form a corporation and you will need to open a bank account. Web sales in your own state are taxable, so you will need sellers permit in order to pay the sales tax.

As a responsible healthcare marketing organization, we understand how important it is to keep the patient information confidential and safe. Our marketing techniques are designed in such a way that there is no chance of database leakage or breach of privacy. We know how important it is for the reputation of our healthcare clients to secure and preserve their patients' information. We take extra care to make sure that there is no scope for HIPAA violation.

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