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So you've come here to learn more about our company, which is great. We like people who do their research before committing to anything. So, who are we?

Google Partner

We are an online marketing agency located in Orange County, California and Buffalo, NY with clients located around the globe. We craft marketing solutions that tackle your business’s unique challenges. Every morsel of our being is dedicated to netting you a positive ROI.

Cliché? Maybe. Effective? Absolutely.

Difference is, it’s in our DNA: something as unique as your business.

Suffering from a bad online reputation? Not getting phone calls through your website? Having trouble building a community on Facebook? There’s a GMR solution for each, and it is never cookie cutter.

The truth is, you have far too much on your plate to frame a marketing strategy that tackles your ongoing challenges.

Behold, GMR’s philosophy:

Analyze the problem areas (or opportunities, as we like to call them).

Strategize a solution based on a mix of past experiences and fresh ideas.

Solve it. Then monitor, rinse, and repeat.

Now that’s all fine and dandy, but let’s back up and talk about something huge that’s inexcusably neglected in today’s world: the customer.

Complete Business Solution

Be honest. You and your customers probably group marketers in the same category as politicians, car salesmen, and payday lenders right? You’ve lost trust. Marketers have a bit of a stigma -- and rightfully so. They’re notorious spammers and scammers. They care about themselves only, tying you into ridiculous contracts and making unfounded promises.

We want to fix this. Instead of pushing unwanted messages to random audiences (spam!), we identify your strengths, your opportunities, and your customers’ needs. Then we create a powerful digital marketing solution that pulls the right audience to your company. You appeal to their interests through remarkable content. Or by hitting a pain point. But usually both.

You help solve your customers’ problems and they help solve yours. It’s a beautiful harmony.

So there’s GMR Web Team in a nutshell. Intrigued?

Our Team

Ajay Prasad

Steve Burgess

Beth Worthy
(Director of Operations)

Anshuman Sinha

Edmond Lui
(Sales Manager)

Akaash Prasad
(Digital Account Manager)

Minu Prasad
(Design Specialist)

Vanessa Almodovar
(Sales Coordinator)

Nicole Fronczak
(VP Marketing /Principal, East Coast office)

Kenny Giuliani
(PPC marketing coordinator)

Casey DeSain
(PR & Content Marketing Coordinator)

Meet Our Team

Our History

Let’s end today’s lesson with a quick history lesson, shall we?

  • 2001
    Global Resource Marketing

    Global Marketing Resources was created by our founder and leader, Ajay Prasad.

  • 2004
    GMR Web Team

    GMR Web Team was born. Its existence served one primary objective: Develop custom websites for small and medium sized businesses.

  • 2006

    GMR Web Team completes their 100th website project and begins offering SEO services, in addition to web design to help businesses become more visible on search engines.

  • 2008
    Milestone Reached

    We reach a milestone of 500 websites designed and 25 clients signed to date. To accommodate this growth we add to our talented team of web designers and marketers.

  • 2009
    Search Marketing

    GMR Web Team takes their talent as a digital marketing problem solver and launches a local search marketing platform for geographically limited businesses.

  • 2011
    1000 Projects

    Another year. Another milestone. GMR Web Team completes their 1000th website project and signs their 200th client.

  • 2012
    Fastest Growing Company

    We are listed as one of Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Companies of Orange County.

  • 2013
    Business Deelopment Program

    We sign an international luggage company, a leading international beauty product company and started a business development program for established overseas companies looking to move to the US.

  • 2014
    10 Years of Success

    GMR Web Team celebrates 10 years of service! We also become a recognized Google Partner and are invited to an exclusive AdWords Conference at the Google Headquarters.

In the 10+ years we’ve been around, we’ve brought our clients an additional $10M in sales through practical website design and strategic digital marketing.

At the end of the day (or quarter), that’s all that counts right?

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