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Patients often search for orthopedic specialists when they have serious, immediate concerns with their bones and muscles. While some patients rely on referrals, many look online to find the right provider. This is an opportunity for orthopedic practices to attract more patients and grow their practice. Our team of experienced marketing experts works with you to create a comprehensive digital marketing plan so that your practice will stand out from the rest of the competition

Orthopedic Marketing

Achieve More Visibility with a Strong Online Presence

With more patients searching online to find the right orthopedic doctor, it’s critical to have a strong online reputation to be visible to prospective patients. The stronger your online presence, the more likely prospective patients will choose your practice. Our experienced orthopedic marketing team develop a responsive website and optimize it, so your site will be ranked at the top of search results. To further increase online visibility, we create blog content, implement pay-per-click advertising, and engage patients on social media platforms. With a robust online presence, your practice will stand out above the rest.

Orthopedic Referral Marketing

Improve Your Orthopedic Online Reputation to Stand Out From the Crowd

Your online reviews will be one of the first things your patients see when they find your practice online. A few negative reviews can create an inaccurate online reputation and deter patients from picking your orthopedic practice. How can you ensure that your online reputation is accurate? As part of our comprehensive orthopedic marketing solutions, we solve this problem with our proprietary reputation management software. The program automatically collects genuine reviews from your patients to improve your online reputation. Get instant feedback and address any concerns that patients might have. With more genuine reviews, prospective patients are more likely to choose your practice when searching online.

Orthopedic Referral Marketing

Receive More Referrals from Patients and Physicians

Even with the increasing importance of standing out online, many orthopedic practices still rely on referrals from patients and physicians. Our team of orthopedic marketing experts builds out a customized orthopedic referral program to generate more referrals. Combining our use of proprietary sentiment analysis software, social media platforms, and e-mail marketing, we leverage your current patient base and physician network to reach more patients. Keep your orthopedic practice be top of mind so that patients and physicians will think of you when it comes time to give a referral.

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