Effective Marketing Strategies for Building a Reliable Patient Base with Dr. Ruth

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Dr. Ruth Reisman

Dr. Ruth Reisman

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Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad

About the Episode

  • Dr. Ruth Reisman introduces herself, talks about her trade as a clinical audiologist, and shares details about her business known as Urban Hearing. (2:56)
  • Dr. Ruth asks Ajay “How can we use our marketing dollars to get the most appropriate leads for the business?” (9:00)
  • Ajay answers Dr. Ruth’s question about how to get a reliable stream of patients in markets or states where she doesn’t have a very strong professional network. (13:20)
  • Ajay discusses the importance of testing the waters for different marketing strategies before investing more of your money into it. (22:30)
  • Starting a new business and getting your name out there is never easy - Ajay gives advice on how to get the right people to understand the importance of Dr. Ruth’s services. (28:21)

About Dr. Ruth Reisman:

Dr. Ruth, a clinical audiologist, introduces herself and her business Urban Hearing. Ajay advises on effective marketing strategies to generate reliable patient leads, especially in new markets. He emphasizes testing marketing strategies before investing more money and offers guidance on gaining recognition for Dr. Ruth's services.

Episode Transcript

Speaker: Hello and thanks for joining today's episode of The Founders Corner Podcast hosted by Ajay Prasad. Join Ajay as he sits down with healthcare professionals to discuss ways of improving their marketing efforts. As an entrepreneur and proud owner of several seven-figure web-based businesses, Ajay has now dedicated himself to helping healthcare professionals in building up their practices. If you would like to contact Ajay and become a guest on The Founders Corner Podcast, fill out the form on our website.

In today's episode, Ajay will be speaking with Dr. Ruth Reisman, a licensed audiologist that specializes in individuals with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Her goal is to utilize auditory therapy and communication planning to improve attention, behaviors and socioemotional skills. Enjoy the show.

Ajay Prasad: Hi, Ruth, how are you?

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