Why Healthcare Practices Need to Rank for Near Me Keywords

If you are a healthcare provider offering quality healthcare services to families and communities, you need to make sure you are reaching out to the right patients. To do so, you need to understand the importance of targeting the right healthcare keywords. These keywords play an important role in determining how patients will find you on search.

What are the best keywords for a healthcare service provider? Patients will dedicate time to researching online and asking friends and family for recommendations before selecting their provider. It is critical for your practice to be found online for the right keywords to attract more patients.

“Near Me” Keywords Help You Target the Relevant Audience

With the increasing use of mobile devices and voice search to find businesses, one crucial keyword all healthcare professionals should focus on is the “near me” keyword. A vast majority of patients are looking for local providers. A successful geo-marketing strategy will help you rank on searches in your nearby area.

Over the last few years, search queries on Google that contain “near me” have grown, and this can be majorly attributed to the use of geo-location enabled devices. In today’s digital world, an increasing number of customers use their mobile devices to search for businesses and this includes healthcare services. A customer wants to know what is “near me” at all times, and ranking on top of these queries through organic and paid search will ensure you target the relevant audience.

This table will give you an idea about the monthly search volume of “near me” keywords. It also shows the competition and device breakdown for all these searches. As you can see, the majority of “near me” searches are conducted through mobile devices.

Keywords Monthly Searches (USA) Search Volume Breakdown by Devices (in Percentage)
Mobile Desktop Tablets
Dentist Near Me 1,220,000 66.40% 31.70% 1.80%
Urgent Care Near Me 1,830,000 80.10% 18.20% 1.70%
Doctor Near Me 201,000 67.30% 31.00% 1.70%
Physician Near Me 18,100 58.00% 40.10% 1.90%
Hospital Near Me 550,000 75.00% 23.80% 1.20%
Chiropractor Near Me 249,000 75.60% 22.6% 1.80%
Gynecologist Near Me 135,000 71.60% 26.40% 2.10%
Ophthalmologist Near Me 110,000 51.80% 43.40% 4.80%
Plastic Surgeon Near Me 33,100 70.70% 25.70% 3.50%
Cosmetic Surgeon Near Me 2,900 62.50% 33.20% 4.30%
Facelift Near Me 720 64.20% 29.70% 6.10%
Botox Near Me 60,500 75.10% 22.20% 2.70%
Dermatologist Near Me 450,000 62.90% 33.80% 3.20%
Hair Restoration Near Me 1,600 60.50% 37.30% 2.30%
Bariatric Surgeon Near Me 1,900 62.20% 34.60% 3.20%
Weight Loss Doctor Near Me 8,100 76.00% 21.00% 3.00%
Fertility Clinic Near Me 12,100 73.80% 25.00% 1.20%
Physical Therapist Near Me 165,000 51.30% 44.80% 3.90%
Psychiatrist Near Me 117,000 65.00% 33.10% 1.90%
Gastroenterologist Near Me 74,000 62.80% 32.70% 4.50%
Neurologist Near Me 80,000 65.20% 31.80% 3.00%
Audiology Near Me 22,200 46.20% 48.00% 5.80%
Oncologist Near Me 14,800 69.40% 25.40% 5.20%
Radiologist Near Me 14,800 59.30% 37.50% 3.20%
Cardiologist Near Me 32,000 63.60% 33.70% 2.70%
Urologist Near Me 110,000 64.40% 31.50% 4.10%
Orthopedician Near Me 60,500 61.80% 34.70% 3.40%
Med Spa Near Me 27,100 64.60% 32.60% 2.80%
Nephrologist Near Me 14,800 59.60% 34.80% 5.60%
Drug Rehab Near Me 14,800 71.60% 25.80% 2.50%

Area-Based Searches Are Important to Attract Potential Patients

These numbers suggest that area-based searches are a very important source for attracting potential patients in the location where your healthcare practice is based. Also, these leads are more likely to convert as they are actively looking for a provider near them. They are ready to pick up the phone and book an appointment.

Searching for “near me” businesses is referred to as local SEO. When someone searches for a business or service that they need, Google’s algorithm categorizes information based on nearby services that match those searched keywords. If you are not ranking for “near me” keywords of your specific healthcare segment, you are losing out on a lot of potential patients.

Make Sure Your Google My Business Page Listing Is Accurate

However, for the search engine to analyze your practice accurately, you need to make sure your address appears on your website and is properly structured so that the search engine can figure out your location. Google will factor in distance to determine how far the search result is from the searcher’s location and ranks pages accordingly.

It would make sense to analyze your existing patients' addresses and zip code to get an idea of how far patients will drive to visit your healthcare facility. This will give you a benchmark radius to define your target area. Make sure your Google My Business page listing is updated and accurate, as it will help you rank better on “near me” searches. It's a vital Google tool that helps you manage information like contact details, location, business hours, and more.

A Good Geo-marketing Strategy Is a Must for Multiple Locations

Since majority searches are conducted via mobile devices, your site needs to be mobile-friendly. Make sure that you are not using separate URLs for your desktop site and mobile site. If you have businesses in multiple locations, make sure you create a separate web page for each location. This way, you can target prospective patients around all your locations.

A good geo-marketing strategy with the right healthcare keywords will give you the ability to target genuine, potential patients within a designated area. This will also prevent wasteful marketing campaigns on patients who are unwilling to visit your facility because of the distance. Ranking on “near me” searches through paid and organic search will ensure you are not losing out on potential patients.

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