Factors Patients Weigh When Choosing a Provider - A Study

Selecting a healthcare provider is one of the most crucial decisions individuals make for their well-being. In the world of healthcare consumerism, patients are faced with numerous choices, each one crucial to their well-being. Patients are mainly relying on trusted advice and financial prudence, recommendations from close circles instill confidence, online searches and many more. Moreover, online reviews are playing a significant role, guiding decisions effectively in the digital age.

So, what factors truly influence patients when...

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Physician Burnout: Symptoms, Causes, and How to Address Them

Physician burnout is a reality that now plagues the US healthcare industry like never before. However, this epidemic of exhausted physicians working on “depleted batteries” isn't a new story. A study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings reports that 63% of physicians had experienced burnout in 2021, compared with 38.2% in 2020. The problem has only worsened in the present age of healthcare consumerism, where patient demands are often hard to keep up with. Healthcare businesses lose about $4.6 billion every year due to consequences triggered by physician burnout which include but are not limited to

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Why Should You Hire a Healthcare Marketing Consultant?

Healthcare marketing consultants play a big role in helping medical practices attract new patients and retain existing ones. They generally achieve this by combining traditional and online strategies to create an effective marketing plan with long-lasting results. With nearly 70,000 health-related searches each minute on Google, it’s crucial to use digital healthcare marketing techniques to achieve your practice’s long-term growth goals.

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