Leveraging Facebook As a Powerful Chiropractic Marketing Tool

We live in a digital age. With technology rapidly advancing, the world has become digitalized. Almost every aspect of our lives is now more efficient, thanks to online flexibility and ease of access. Even when it comes to marketing and advertising for products and services, one of the best ways to do it is through social media marketing. If done correctly, Facebook can be used as a vital marketing tool.

Many occupations today entirely rely on Facebook marketing for providing their services and putting together a considerable number of clients. One of them is chiropractors. Most people don't know what chiropractors do, and the ones who do are too scared to visit. World-famous tennis player, Venus Williams says,

Chiropractic gives me the flexibility I need to stay in the game.

We can say that few people know about them. The ones who do are more than satisfied with and visit them at least twice a year for a general checkup. The question arises,

Why is there little to no awareness about chiropractors?

The reason is due to a lack of chiropractic marketing and using the wrong marketing tools. You've spent so many years completing your education and decided to become a chiropractor, and you need to make sure you market yourself right. Facebook is one of the easiest tools to use to start your own marketing because you can target many users who would be interested in chiropractic.

Let's look at some of the possible ways to utilize Facebook in your marketing strategy.

Use Facebook ads to promote compelling offers

As a chiropractor, what you can do is create a FB ad that gives discounted services to people in the local area. For example, you can offer a 30% discount on a patient’s first visit. You cannot expect someone to trust you without knowing anything about you. Offers can help evoke interest in your practice.

Make sure to calculate the amount you invest in ads against the revenue you will receive from them. If you've used Facebook ads once, don't forget to remarket yourself from time to time to get the best results.

Present & pitch your chiropractic services, then remarket

Thanks to Facebook, it is as if you have your target audience available and seated. Facebook has done its job, and now it is on you to present your services. Make sure to educate people on all the aspects of your practice and to clear all the misunderstandings that they may have.

Facebook would help you build awareness about your practice. You, as a chiropractor, can also provide something valuable, such as free guides and eBooks on your Facebook page and free consultation offers that would help you build trust with your potential patients.

Follow up with interested patients

The real work starts after generating the leads. When these interested prospective patients reach out, they will leave their contact details when they fill your registration form. Make sure to follow up with them and keep them engaged and updated.

It is in human nature to trust based on knowledge, so you can't expect your audience to trust you with their chiropractic problems before being educated on chiropractic. People consider the positives and negatives of going to a chiropractor before they even decide to see one. When following up on these prospective patients, help them make an educated decision, and give us much information as possible.

Facebook live

If you ever need ideas to create brand awareness, you can use Facebook live. Facebook live allows you to live stream and talk to people who tune in and those who have liked or subscribed to your page. Conduct interviews with your happy patients, or you can even host a Facebook live where you answer common questions about chiropractic. Get your video branded and run Facebook Ad or boosted post, which will automatically start marketing that video of yours with a link to your business page. It is the ultimate online business cycle!

Reach out to ideal patients in your local area

Facebook allows you to target people in a specific geographic region, age range, and also according to their interests. So make sure that you are seen as the go-to expert in your geographical area while you target prospective patients. Many healthcare professionals are using marketing strategies to promote their skills around their local area. Physicians, gynecologists, and even neurologists have started neurology marketing to highlight their capabilities.

Continue to supply educational content

Always engage with the public who have liked your page or responded positively. Write blogs relating to health and chiropractic topics. Ask people for their questions and respond to their comments under your posts. Create a demand for your service and make people believe that they need to visit you at least once in two months or as often as they can to get the best results.

Discussed above are all the essentials you need to enhance your services. Thus, the following is a summarized version of all the dos and don'ts of chiropractic marketing:

  • Although you will be using Facebook specifically as a marketing and awareness tool for your chiropractic practice, make sure you do not stop there. There are many more methods when it comes to marketing your products/services on social media.
  • Leverage Facebook advertising and target your website audience accordingly. It gives you an exact number of people who visited your page and other helpful data.
  • Don't make viewers uncomfortable by directly messaging them about knowing when they visited your page. Instead, show them the things they might have missed out on the last time
  • Do not delete anyone's negative comments. Instead, address their concerns to gain their confidence and request them to speak with you so their issue can be resolved.
  • Always make sure you call and reach out to patients. You can leave an automated answering reply to the people trying to get in touch with you, but check those messages and as soon as possible. People like to be responded to!

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the main reason behind these marketing techniques is to make sure we eliminate the possible doubt anyone would have with the fact that chiropractors really cure back pain. Once you successfully convince them of your credibility, it's higher from then onwards.


Stella Lincoln

Stella Lincoln is a Marketing Specialist. She is currently working as a marketing manager at King Essay, the best services to buy assignment. She owns an educational platform, Educator House, as-well. Stella has vast experience in developing marketing strategies.

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