Healthcare Marketing Strategy: A Guide for Getting More Patients

Healthcare marketing strategy is an inbound marketing process where we bring forth all the resources that could bear against various opportunities and threats of a highly competitive healthcare business. The resources could be any original content, including blog posts, articles, podcasts, informational videos, and interviews on medical topics, while the opportunities and threats are concerned with persuading your patients to come to you.

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How Videos Helped Us Boost RepuGen’s Conversions by 100%



We were using every aspect of digital marketing in order to market our software, RepuGen, across the globe. The feedback from our existing clients about the software was fantastic, the features that we were offering were unique & much needed in the healthcare industry, a robust online presence was very much...

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How Website Ranking Affects the Growth of Your Urgent Care Center [Study]

As most patients are now taking the internet route for finding urgent care centers in their time of need, it’s crucial that your practice ranks on top of the Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) to attract most of that patient traffic coming from the internet. This is not an assumption, but a fact! A closer examination of patient activities on Google’s SERPs suggests that most patients tend to visit websites of those healthcare practices which are ranking not just on the first page but also on a higher position on...

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Why Online Reputation Is Critical for a Successful Patient Acquisition Marketing

In today’s digital world, the internet has enabled patients to seek out information, compare all options, and make decisions regarding their health. Whether you are a dentist, physician, gynecologist, or gastroenterologist, it has become crucial for all the healthcare providers to adapt to a marketing strategy that focuses on building the three pillars for their healthcare business – i.e., a satisfied and loyal patient base, a stellar online reputation, and a robust internet presence.

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Physician Marketing – Online Reputation Is Crucial for Conversions [Study]

A sound SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy can get your medical practice ranking on the first page of search engine results. However, if your presence is not matched by a robust reputation, you'll probably only end up getting a few or no new patients out of it. The primary question here is what constitutes the most important factor in a physician's online reputation. Like most healthcare practices, it's your patients' opinions and testimonials in the form of online reviews and ratings that matter the most to potential...

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Patient Acquisition Marketing: How Digital Strategies Are Defining the Healthcare Journey

Today, when more and more patients are increasingly relying on the web for medical information, the term ‘patient acquisition marketing’ refers to the healthcare brands’ need to align with patients’ needs across the web. You need to show that your practice is the best choice for patients’ healthcare needs, through your websites, email programs, social media, advertisement campaigns, YouTube channel and more. Why?

47% of internet users search for information about doctors or

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How the GDPR Is Going to Affect the Healthcare Industry in the US

Amid all the conversations regarding the GDPR across the globe, the personal data protection law is now effective since May 25, 2018. Although this is an EU law, applying primarily to the businesses and organizations across the European Economic Area (EEA) countries, the GDPR also has an extraterritorial reach to business activities in other countries, including the US. Like other industries, the GDPR has important implications for the US healthcare industry too, however, many healthcare providers are still not fully aware of how it applies...

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Online Reputation Management: Making Patient Engagement More Effective

Why do you need Online Reputation Management (ORM)? ORM is a process focused on managing online patient engagement for you and your practice. It deals with influencing patients’ perceptions about you by ensuring that your reviews are accurately representing your services. ORM’s strategies focus on countering and overshadowing negative online reviews with more positive reviews, and proactively intercepting potential negative reviews. The purpose is to improve the way people talk about you and your practice, which in...

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