7 Tips for Offering an Outstanding E-Commerce Customer Service

As online customer reviews begin to overshadow traditional marketing, good reviews can help boost your business. That's why it's important to make sure your e-commerce website design is as user-friendly as possible. Here are some tips to protect your online reputation.

Review your customer service history

By revisiting old messages with customers, you can develop an idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are...

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Tips to Boost Customer Enagement on Your Social Media Profile

The number of people actively using social media has exceeded two billion, according to the latest research conducted by Facebook. It's not just posting fun photographs and communicating with school friends that makes people want to log in but also, the fact that social networks are now a powerful tool for business. From getting likes on business-related posts to gaining followers through consistent interaction, it's easy to connect with customers on a more personal level through networks like Facebook, Twitter...

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7 Easy Moves to Rise Upwards in the Your Brand Love Curve

Reaching a target market through advertising is an important step in exposing a brand, but successful business requires going a step further. Customer loyalty should be your ultimate goal once you have developed brand awareness. Today's consumer values good deals, but part of that dynamic means quality they can trust. Here are some additional steps you can take to achieve brand loyalty.

1. Pay attention to product quality.

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UX Mastery: Much More Than Just Design Thinking

These days everyone with a website knows about UX design, but not everyone knows how to implement it successfully. Mostly, people believe that UX design is akin to design thinking. And then there are those who believe that the latest innovations combined with optimization will always deliver the outcomes they want.

Truth is to understand how to successfully implement UX design; you need to understand how it is different from design thinking. Here are four

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Choosing WordPress.com or WordPress.org? The Pros and Cons

Promoting your business consists of many different variables, some easy and others more time-consuming. Your business website should be one of the easier components, but that will depend upon where you set up your site. The go-to places that top the list are Wordpress.com and WordPress.org.

While the names are similar, there are some distinctions that could make a difference to you in your quest for a successful website

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Web 2015: Design Trends That Would Rule Viewer’s Heart

Staying up to date on internet trends is important for web designers, especially when clients want to convey a cutting edge image. Some of the web design trends for 2015 are a continuation of developing trends from the previous year. Here are the most important current trends.

Responsive Web Design

This cross-platform design technique for desktop and mobile websites is still a time saver that eliminates the need for two...

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