Online Security Can Influence Holiday Shopping: A Study

During the past year, there have been multiple security breaches with major retailers including Target, Kmart, and Home Depot that have affected tens of millions of consumers. As such, it is not surprising that one quarter of the 3,039 participants in's second annual small business perception survey stated that they were likely to change their online shopping behaviour during the 2014 holiday season. In fact, nearly one third stated that they were seriously considering changing their habits.

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The Ultimate Ways to Boost Your Holiday Sales

The holiday season is a notoriously slow sales season for everybody that sells something that can’t be put under a Christmas tree. For example, car sales plummet in the winter months around the holidays, and the people who sell cars do everything they can to earn a profit in the slowest months of the year.

While your sales may not be as bad as the average car dealership at this time of the year, the holidays can still be tricky for many salesman and small businesses. However, there are some tips out there that can help you boost sales during the holidays.


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Virtual Office Suites: Save on Space and Cost Together

Today’s technology has made many things possible that two decades ago would have been called science fiction. For businesses, the technological advances make the cost of doing business more affordable, especially when it comes to taking care of office space. Instead of having to pay for a whole group of suites, floor, or building, you can allow employees to work remotely. For meetings and other office needs, you can work from a virtual office.

Virtual offices are both more cost-efficient and more convenient than traditional offices. You get all of the benefits of an office without having to pay the cost to maintain it. From company...

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10 Online Business Ideas That Can Protect Environment

The environment is something that should be a high priority for everyone, because it affects us all. One of the main problems is that it is such a huge thing to consider that people have a difficult time feeling that they can do anything meaningful to help.

If you are starting a new business, making it a business about being green is likely to inspire people to do the right thing.

Here are 10 online business ideas that you can start to protect environment:

  1. Create Green Apps. It can be something complex, like an app to calculate a carbon footprint and ideas on how to reduce it, or a simple app, like...

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Hot Deals: Popular Way to Get Conversions for Your Business

One of the best ways to drive more traffic to your site is to offer special deals. These short term discounts are much more likely to convert visitors into customers. Here are a few ways to offer your visitors deals to entice them into making a purchase.

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  • Flash Sales. Flash sales are a fantastic way of hitting a short-term sales goal because the deal lasts only a few hours. The main...

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9 Triggers to Promote Employee Motivation

Are your employees just coming in for the sake of getting paid? Your organization has a serious problem and should find ways to boost employee morale and motivate them. Here are 10 ways to promote employee motivation in your organization.

Maintain an open office where employees can approach you to speak about their concerns or ask you questions. A happy and contented office is always a productive office.

Employees want to grow and advance within their organizations. So, have career growth plan for employees, so that they realize the importance of hard work and being productive.

Help your employees boost their...

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How to Design Your Business Website for Orange County Customers

Building a small-business website is complicated. You’ve got to secure a domain name, generate content, and figure out how to help people find it. By the time the entire process is complete, you just want to get back to business. But websites are all about doing business. And if you really want a website that works, you should take one more look at yours before you turn your attention back to the day-to-day operations of the office. Yes, before you flip the proverbial switch and go live with your new site, take a look at it through another lens—the design lens. It’s been said that content is king, and form can be fun. Both are true,...

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Predictions That Will Revamp Digital Marketing in 2015

Planning and good planning is a marketer’s weapon. So here’s a sneak peek for businesses and marketers as to what will matter in 2015.

Content Is and Will Continue to be the Most Vital Factor

Inspired content will make a difference. Lots of companies and businesses out there are creating good content. How will you stand out? The secret lies in mapping the content to the purchase funnel. For the bottom of the funnel keep content light and humorous if possible. This will create brand awareness and enable retention. Middle of the funnel try...

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5 Ways to Surprise Your Customers This Thanksgiving

The holiday season is a time when most consumers are flooded with advertisements for sales, and companies are looking for ways to get them to buy as much as possible. For the savvy consumer, this can feel a little overwhelming, and it can even make some people resentful of the companies they do business with.

If you don’t want your company to be a part of the group consumers resent for their relentless holiday pressure, chances are you’ll need to do something to show them that you value them for more than the money they send your way. Use this guide to help you find the perfect way to surprise your...

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