9 Triggers to Promote Employee Motivation

Are your employees just coming in for the sake of getting paid? Your organization has a serious problem and should find ways to boost employee morale and motivate them. Here are 10 ways to promote employee motivation in your organization.

Maintain an open office where employees can approach you to speak about their concerns or ask you questions. A happy and contented office is always a productive office.

Employees want to grow and advance within their organizations. So, have career growth plan for employees, so that they realize the importance of hard work and being productive.

Help your employees boost their professional skills by letting them attend seminars and workshops related to their field of work. When employers invest in their employees, it leads to better performance at work.

Many times employees tend to get lazy and put off certain tasks without realizing their tasks are important for the next stage of the project or assignment. So keep reinforcing the importance of processes and help employees understand why tasks have to be promptly finished.

During course of conversations, you should try to focus on keywords to find out what motivates employees. This will give you clues how to motivate them in the present and get them to be more productive and achieve their goals.

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Always acknowledge hard work and success. This is positive reinforcement and will help motivate employees. Even past successes should be celebrated to boost morale of a jaded employee.

Learn to surprise employees with some fun, like ordering a pizza for the team or taking them out for a movie. This ability to unwind at work can help boost productivity.

Always make it a point to acknowledge both big and small contributions in helping complete a project and close a deal. Be generous with your praise and it will improve employee morale tremendously.

It is necessary, employers honor their promises. For instance, if you have promised your employees a bonus, follow through on it.

  1. Positive environment
  2. Career growth plan
  3. Improve professional skills
  4. Stress on importance of processes
  5. Find out what motivates employees
  6. Use rewards and awards
  7. Learn to have fun
  8. Acknowledge contributions
  9. Honor work related promises

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