5 Common Landing Page Lapses That Can Hurt Your Conversions

Getting visitors to your landing page is only the first step of conversion. Making the visitors convert is another hurdle all together. When visitors stop by your landing page, you want them to give you their contact information in exchange of the offer you have.

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How you structure your landing pages can determine whether you will have high or low conversion rates.

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5 Basic Maintenance Drive Your Ecommerce Site Needs

Once you have your website, the most difficult part of creating and operating an e-commerce store is over. However, now you must be concerned with the maintenance.

Your business relies on your site being functional and appealing all of the time, which is why maintenance is vital to keeping your website current and fixing issues as soon as they arise.

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How Social Media Can Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show

Small businesses are quickly realizing the power of social media and are incorporating it into their offline marketing activities. With a good social media plan, you can drive traffic to your booth and make prospective customers eager to do business with you.

Social media can add leverage to your small businesses to reach prospective clients and attract them to your trade booths.

Below are some social media marketing tips you can use to boost brand awareness, and make your next trade show a success.


The number of people using

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How to Grow Local Customer Base in Orange County

Local businesses need to focus on customer acquisition and retention to achieve their revenue objectives. There are various online marketing strategies that business are looking for, like better website design in Orange County to reach prospective customers in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

To get more leads and customers for your business, it is important to understand local marketing principles.

Below are 6 ways in which you generate leads and grow your customer base in OC:

  1. Get Listed on Local...

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5 Amazing Halloween Ideas for Your Ecommerce Site

Halloween is a time when a lot of people are starting to really get into the shopping mode. In fact, even if you don’t sell Halloween costumes or traditional holiday gifts, the Halloween season can be an excellent time to boost your business online.

However, if you really want to have some upward growth this holiday season, chances are you’re going to need to change your website. Use these five amazing Halloween ideas to help increase the revenue of your Ecommerce website – at least during the holiday...

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5 Mistakes That Can Render Your CTA Button Inoperative

If visitors are not clicking on your CTA button and taking the action you want them to, it will be difficult to make sales. The CTA button is the gatekeeper between visitors and your business. The button should be inviting, obvious, and enticing to make visitors take action.

Your website may get a lot of traffic. However, without a good CTA button, conversions will be low.

Here are 5 mistakes most marketers make with the CTA button that lead to poor conversions:

  1. Poor Button Design

    The CTA button should stand out on the landing page. Use contrasting colors to make it easy for visitors to spot the...

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UX and Digital Marketing: Do Their Paths Intersect?

“Is the user experience (UX) finally fully integrated into the digital marketing mix?”

This question seems simple, but it’s actually quite provocative. Mostly because it begs a follow-up question: “Should it be?”

Change is the one constant for a digital marketing agency, and digital marketing tools and techniques seem to change like the weather. This causes a natural tension between old-guard techniques (which could be less than a year old) and innovations that leverage the latest tools of the trade (which seem to strike...

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Top 5 Rewards of Outsourcing Your Web Development Projects

All successful business today must have a website, and it has to be both appealing and user friendly. A well-designed website offers business owners a wide range of benefits, from attracting more clients to an edge over the competition.

To get the most out of a website, it needs to be informative without being overwhelming, visually appealing, and well organized.

Most business owners do not have the time, knowledge, or resources to handle their own website, but that is just one of the advantages to consider

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