5 Mistakes That Can Render Your CTA Button Inoperative

If visitors are not clicking on your CTA button and taking the action you want them to, it will be difficult to make sales. The CTA button is the gatekeeper between visitors and your business. The button should be inviting, obvious, and enticing to make visitors take action.

Your website may get a lot of traffic. However, without a good CTA button, conversions will be low.

Here are 5 mistakes most marketers make with the CTA button that lead to poor conversions:

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  1. Poor Button Design

    The CTA button should stand out on the landing page. Use contrasting colors to make it easy for visitors to spot the button. Many marketers prefer using red and green for the CTA buttons. However, these colors will not necessarily work for all marketers. Choose a color that will contrast with the overall color of the landing page.

  2. Boring Copy

    The button copy should be written for the visitor. Visualize what visitors might say to themselves when they see the CTA. For example, if you are offering a downloadable eBook, you can use “Get My eBook” as the CTA. Using first person for the copy has been proven to lead to higher conversion than using second person.

  3. Distractions on Page

    The CTA button should be easily visible on the landing page. Make it easy for visitors to know what to do on the landing page. Avoid distractions like having too many images that may overshadow the button. Also, do not provide alternatives that can lead visitors away from the landing page. This means navigation links are a “no” with landing pages.

  4. Confusing Offer

    Make your offer clear to the visitors and keep your promise. For example, if you promise a FREE eBook, do not provide a free coaching session. Visitors are expecting an eBook, not a coaching session.

  5. Poor Offer

    To convince visitors to provide their contact information, you need a compelling offer. Online users are accustomed to getting low quality offers and therefore, most will hesitate to sign up for your “FREE Gift”. Provide a compelling offer that the visitors cannot refuse.


Sangeeta Kumar

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