5 Mistakes That Can Render Your CTA Button Inoperative

If visitors are not clicking on your CTA button and taking the action you want them to, it will be difficult to make sales. The CTA button is the gatekeeper between visitors and your business. The button should be inviting, obvious, and enticing to make visitors take action.

Your website may get a lot of traffic. However, without a good CTA button, conversions will be low.

Here are 5 mistakes most marketers make with the CTA button that lead to poor conversions:


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Smart Strategies to Sell Your First Product Online

If you’re new to internet marketing and selling products online, it can seem like a complicated world. While there are obviously many different companies working with various distributors to sell products over the internet, it can be particularly challenging to figure out what it is you should be selling. Instead of playing the guessing game and simply trying a product out and hoping it works, use these smart strategies to help...

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Self Employment Vs Job

With the unprecedented growth explosion of e-commerce, retailing and the expansion of the internet marketplace, an overwhelming number of opportunities for starting an online business have emerged. Yet, the question remains: should you take up a job or start an online business? A working job requires less responsibility than owning an online business, solely because the business’s future is not in your hands as an employee, but does not necessarily allow you to do what...

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Saying No to Business Leads

"....since the past few months some of your online scope analysis report has been added with don't take this site. May I know why I should refuse a site when you have identified it as potential scope for online business'?" My boss' email went on to give a few references.

In fact, I did not even know that I had done this (selective amnesia?) or was doing this often (split personality?). I was stumped. Why was I doing this?

NOTE: I never meet the client or communicate with them...

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Our Trials with Reputation Management

In the first week of March, on a Sunday evening I got a call from Ajay, the president of GMR Transcription. It was not a friendly call. As per him a single post by a transcriptionist on scam.com was costing GMR Transcription both in terms of reputation and money. He posed a simple question-If we can get pages on number one why cannot we remove scam.com from the listing" A reputation management company was asking for $10,000 and a years' time. In a moment of total recklessness I told him I could do it in 3 months and for $3000. (You have to be raving mad to make a stupid commitment like that!)

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