Convert Facebook Fans Into Brand Advocates

Every business has to have an Internet strategy for bringing in new clients, new customers, and new fans. Social media can be used to a great effect to produce a greater "bump" for their bottom line. Having any sort of website strategy has to involve not only Facebook, but other social media outlets that will allow the business to gain as many followers as possible.

The best way to make more out of your internet presence is to use as many websites as you possibly can to make sure that your customers and potential customers know that you are out there.

Yes, starting with Facebook is a good start, but it is also a good idea to have a Twitter account, to have share buttons on your website for all of your content, and to even cross-post your items to all of your accounts with the outlets you use. When you cross-post, the people on both networks can see your information, follow you on a neighboring network, and refer more of their friends to you.

If you want to get more "super fans," you will have to start offering promotions, sales, and contests on your networks that allow your followers to win prizes, get good deals, and generally give people a reason to keep checking up on your business. The more fun the interactions, the more likely people are to keep following.

In the end, you can only increase your presence online by making your business look more appealing to new potential customers through fun interaction on social networking sites.


Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad is the Founder and President of GMR Web Team, a leading healthcare digital marketing agency. He guides small and medium size healthcare practices/businesses in customizing their online marketing strategy, focused on building a loyal base of patients and improving their patient acquisition. Ajay believes in an improved patient experience as the key to successful healthcare business, which can be accomplished with the right marketing plan in place.

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