How Ghost Buttons Will Appeal to Your Visitors

If you design or manage websites and you haven't yet heard of ghost buttons, it's time to take a look. They are becoming a noticeable trend in 2015 in the world of web design due to visual appeal. It's not the same thing as the generic buttons that began to fade by 2004 due to preference of dynamic menus and CSS.

What are ghost buttons

Ghost buttons are large clickable transparent squares with outlines placed over graphics such as on These buttons are also being used largely in android as well as in iOS interfaces lately. The following information examines the nature of ghost buttons.

Ghost Button Usage

Since ghost buttons can take up a large amount of space, they are typically reserved for landing pages. Ghost buttons can be effective for call to action (CTA) since they are designed to be obvious on a web page. They work best with inviting CTAs such as "go to portfolio" or "see our products." The fact that these buttons are large makes them useful for keeping navigation easy to understand. Not all web pages are appropriate places to house these buttons. The key is to stick with clean rather than fancy button designs.

Visual Appeal of Ghost Buttons

Minimalist web design can be an effective strategy to make ghost buttons stand out, especially when placed in prominent positions over colorful images, using thin white rectangular borders surrounding white font. User interface designs that comprise ghost buttons are particularly effective for mobile websites. Instead of adding visual clutter to a webpage, the transparency of these buttons allows visual real estate to have economy of space efficiency. One of the reasons ghost buttons are visually attractive is that they have a clean sophisticated look compared to the clunky or cartoonish buttons of the past.

Ghost buttons are quickly becoming an accepted design trend among web developers because they help stimulate conversions. More than just aesthetically attractive, these transparent boxes with thin borders over colorful backgrounds and images are also practical because they are unobtrusive without having large file sizes. Ultimately, ghost buttons work because they draw attention, provide easy navigation for users and are effective at directing people to desired landing pages.

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