YouTube Advertising -Tips to Get Started From Google Partner

On March 25th, we were lucky enough to host another Google Partner event for our clients. Google has livestreamed their events in past events, but since this event was centered on YouTube marketing strategies, they decided to create a fully orchestrated video presentation. We had a great turnout, and it was a very informative session about YouTube’s place in the future of digital marketing.

In case you missed the event, don't worry! Here is the video...

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Google Partners Connect February 2015 [Video Recap]

GMR Web Team was fortunate enough to have hosted Google Partners Connect this past Wednesday on February 11, 2015. This was the third time we hosted the Google Partners event, and we had a phenomenal turnout. We thank everyone who delighted us with their presence at our digital marketing agency in Orange County and learned about Google advertising! In case you missed the Google Partners Connect event, here is the video recap of the...

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How Ghost Buttons Will Appeal to Your Visitors

If you design or manage websites and you haven't yet heard of ghost buttons, it's time to take a look. They are becoming a noticeable trend in 2015 in the world of web design due to visual appeal. It's not the same thing as the generic buttons that began to fade by 2004 due to preference of dynamic menus and CSS.

What are ghost buttons

Ghost buttons are large clickable transparent squares with outlines placed over graphics such as on...

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4 Tips to Stay Ahead of Competitors in PPC

If there are any lessons to be learned, or even advantages to be gained from tough times for businesses, then it's an increased awareness not only of what customers want, but what your direct competitors may be doing better than you.

It doesn't matter how brilliant a single PPC campaign of yours might be, or how effective it was in turning clicks into clients, you can bet your next quarter's profits that the competition has digested every aspect of it, found the flaws, and is currently planning to do the same,...

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4 Drifts to Change the Face of Digital Marketing in 2015

Planning your marketing strategy for 2015 requires being up to date on the latest trends in digital marketing, which is constantly evolving with the new technology. Online marketing has become essential for almost all businesses, whether they are willing to admit it or not. Engaging in social networks and optimizing your website for mobile users is only the beginning of this revolution. Here are some important developments that every business needs to learn about for the new year.

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Online Security Can Influence Holiday Shopping: A Study

During the past year, there have been multiple security breaches with major retailers including Target, Kmart, and Home Depot that have affected tens of millions of consumers. As such, it is not surprising that one quarter of the 3,039 participants in's second annual small business perception survey stated that they were likely to change their online shopping behaviour during the 2014 holiday season. In fact, nearly one third stated that they were seriously considering changing their habits.

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Virtual Office Suites: Save on Space and Cost Together

Today’s technology has made many things possible that two decades ago would have been called science fiction. For businesses, the technological advances make the cost of doing business more affordable, especially when it comes to taking care of office space. Instead of having to pay for a whole group of suites, floor, or building, you can allow employees to work remotely. For meetings and other office needs, you can work from a virtual office.

Virtual offices are both more cost-efficient and more convenient than traditional offices. You get all of the benefits of an office without having to pay the cost to maintain it. From company...

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