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On March 25th, we were lucky enough to host another Google Partner event for our clients. Google has livestreamed their events in past events, but since this event was centered on YouTube marketing strategies, they decided to create a fully orchestrated video presentation. We had a great turnout, and it was a very informative session about YouTube’s place in the future of digital marketing.

In case you missed the event, don't worry! Here is the video recap.

Many businesses are apprehensive about using YouTube in their digital marketing campaigns. They’re unsure of the potential for product visibility, and whether or not YouTube will create a return on investment. However, YouTube has grown from a fledging platform to one of the most import media outlets in just a few short years. That growth is consistent, and in just one day, more people watch a video on YouTube than watch the Super Bowl. The platform is quickly transitioning from being a clever step in digital marketing, to a mandatory move for business growth. The Google event focused on showing the best possible ways for a business to take advantage of this trend.

Types of videos a company can create

There are three main types of videos that Google believes a company should create also known as the HHH framework:

Help: Help videos are designed to answer any questions your potential customers might have. How does your product work? What was used in making it? If you have any direct questions from a client, a video could be a great way to answer it.

Hub: This will probably be the bulk of your videos. This type of video will address the overlap between what your company has to offer, and what your client wants. Here is where you can really get creative with the message of your company and get involved with social media.

Hero: Hero videos will probably only be released for big events with your company. Got a new clothing line? It’s time to tell your YouTube Audience all about it. Here you will take the best of your yearly content, and combine it into a hero video.

YouTube will also include various analytics features to better target your audience, and will allow a business to see how this audience responds to their videos. In order to get the best engagement and response, Google stressed that all marketing should, “Show, not tell.” Videos are a great opportunity for advertising, but digital marketers should remember that viewers come to YouTube to be entertained or informed. The content a company creates for YouTube should reflect that.

We thank you everyone for joining us in the livestream event and learning with us. We certainly had a great time. Here are some photos we clicked that day.

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