Optimizing for Voice Search in 2017

voice search As voice search continues to become a new dimension of local search, it's time to ask yourself if your site is ready to be optimized for voice search.  For some people, it makes life easier to talk to their search engine rather than type words. The more you can stay up to date with search technology, the better chances you have at gaining visibility in search rankings. Here are more reasons to optimize for...

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4 Thrilling Takeaways from Facebook's F8 2016

Facebook 10 Year roadmap At F8. the annual developer conference in San Francisco, Mark Zuckerberg, the 31-year-old Facebook CEO, unveiled their 10 year roadmap for the world’s largest social networking website. Facebook’s grand roadmap [image above] will focus on improving its existing set of applications. In the coming five years, Facebook developers will be bent more towards connectivity, VR and Artificial Intelligence. Here are the most exciting takeaways from the...

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