Google Webmaster Leveraging Long Tail Queries Data

We all know that Google recently announced the release of search impact reports in Webmaster tools and rolled it out as a test feature in some of the accounts. This was an initiative to view the search queries’ length and how they are performing in terms of the click through rate.

Google Webmaster Leveraging Long Tail Queries Data

And now, after a short feedback survey conducted last week, Google will be rolling the data accuracy feature for long tail queries out to its global users. Webmasters are likely to see the result of maintaining this new feature in terms of an increase in the impressions and clicks for long tail queries in their Google Webmaster tools.

Google’s ‘not provided’ data treads on a controversial path and there’s no foolproof way to access the data. However, soon after this update, if you start losing on a significant amount of statistical data to ‘not provided’, it’s prudent to invest some time in doing an analysis to overcome this problem. Upon receiving this update, one or more workarounds may help you gain a better understanding of organic search keywords and you will acquire a better insight into your missing statistics.

Lastly, Google Webmaster Tools also give you an approximate number of search impressions your long tail keywords are attracting. This will definitely help you in analyzing what keywords are getting large number of impressions, and how it would work in your interest to put more efforts in order to improve the ranking for those keywords, which are obtaining more traffic.

Why Does It Matter

Long tail queries are fundamental to your online business success. They not only tend to be more descriptive, but also tend to deliver more targeted traffic to your business website.

Things to Watch Out:

1. A boost in the search query data will give a room to search marketers for better defining their keyword targets, and by being proactive in their content strategy. It will also help them in defining the KPI's of optimization for those search terms.

2. Queries generated from search impact reports will also predict the trend of searches for the close variants related to your businesses’ niche.


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