Online Marketing for Dentists: A Guide for Getting More Patients

Are you a newly established dentist managing a fresh dental clinic and in search of high-quality leads? Do you need help to secure the appropriate market presence despite offering superior services and expertise? Like any other business, dental clinics face difficulties they must overcome. Besides having the proper knowledge, skills, equipment, and experience, using the Internet to inform potential customers about your dental clinic is essential.

We will help you explore how to attract and retain patients in today's competitive...

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Why It Is Crucial for Dental Practices to Rank for Near Me Keywords

Technology is evolving every day, and with most patients using the internet to find a dental practice, keywords are the key to attracting more patients to your clinic. So are you making optimal use of this technology for prospective patients to find you easily? Are you using the right keywords to target your desired audience? What are the best keywords that will make your practice rank well on search engines? The answer to these questions lies in ranking well on the “near me” keywords.

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10 Dental SEO Essentials to Promote Your Website

Dental patients have hundreds of options when it comes to choosing dental practitioners. As a dentist who wants to stand out from the competition, you need a competitive edge. Learning the ropes of digital marketing, especially Search Engine Optimization (SEO), can be effective in helping you to improve your practice’s online visibility and to better connect with your patients.

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Dr. Catrise Austin’s Take on How You Can Successfully Market Your Dental Practice on Instagram

Today, Instagram has emerged as a powerful tool for dentists to connect with their prospective patients. If you are an orthodontist or cosmetic dentist, then you should try posting before and after treatment pictures, behind the scene shots, and photos of patients with happy smiles. Doing this will help in promoting your dental practice and gather great engagement from your clients.

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Email Marketing for Dentists: How It Helps Grow Your Practice

Email marketing for dentists has a crucial role to play in the growth and expansion of your dental practice. Implementing a strong and effective email marketing campaign into your business plan will help you bring in new patients and retain the existing ones to define a strong future for your dental practice. There are a number of things that dentists can do through email marketing, including sending appointment reminders, offering promotions to patients they haven’t seen in a while, and getting feedback.

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Dental Implant Marketing: A Guide for Getting Your Ideal Patients

Why Is Dental Implant Marketing Important?

With the American Dental Association reporting that an adult between the ages of 20 and 64 has three or more decayed or missing teeth, it is unsurprising that the market for individuals who need dental implants is strong. Although dental implants have helped millions since its introduction, many people are still unaware of the life-changing benefits. As a dental provider, that’s where you can...

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Why Dental Practices Should Be on Social Media

If I were to ask you how many people you know have their own social media account, I bet that you would you say that just about everyone you know has at least one account. Today, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have evolved as an essential part of our lives. All of us use these to not only share our stories, photographs, and announcements but to seek information about our communities as well. In 2005, the Pew Research Center had concluded that in America, only about 5% of adults used social media....

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4 Highly Effective Dental Marketing Ideas to Attract More New Patients

Dental online marketing is a highly competitive sector. Practices that want to succeed will need to keep assessing their marketing strategies and finding newer ways that are highly effective in reaching out to potential patients. Here are four of the most effective dental marketing ideas that will help you attract more patients online:

1. Integrating voice search in your local SEO strategy

Voice searches are increasingly becoming the primary search option for users....

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