How to Make a Website for Smartphones

Every quality business will have a website. Whether you choose to design your site yourself or use professionals in website design in California, you'll need somewhere for customers to go online to view your business information. You'll also want to pop up on a mobile local search by having a site that's optimized for viewing from a mobile device.

The best way to optimize your business website for viewing on a mobile phone is to utilize a website building platform with this option. For example, some small business entrepreneurs choose to build their company website using a blog platform, like WordPress or It's free to build a website this way, many blogs are highly customizable and you can use your own domain name. Plus, by simply selecting an option to make your website viewable on a mobile device, your site will default to the perfect dimensions when people visit the URL with their phone.

If you don't have this option, there are several free resources available that will help you create a mobile site. Mippin, Mobilize by Mippin and Wirenode are all great free resources that will be beneficial. Zinadoo is a free resource that lets you set up a mobile site that viewers can see even when they're not connected to the Internet. Winksite helps you to create and promote a mobile website to increase visitors. By using Winksite, you can also add social interaction elements to your mobile website, like polls, forums and a chat feature.

One of the biggest considerations when designing a mobile site is dimension. If the dimensions aren't right, users wont be able to view your website in a convenient way. While there are different screen sizes according to the type of phone, the four basic screen sizes are: 128x160 pixels, 176x220 pixels, 240x320 pixels and 320x480 pixels. If your site is not customized for mobile phones, people are less likely to spend a substantial amount of time on it, ultimately leading to a higher bounce rate. This is especially true for eCommerce websites.

Additionally, users have different search behavior on mobile phones because there is no keyboard. This leads to different keywords, smaller key phrases and ultimately a different Search Engine Optimization or local search marketing campaign that you must employ. Research suggests that by the end of 2012, more people will be accessing the Internet from mobile devices than desktops, further highlighting the importance of creating a separate mobile optimization campaign and furthering your business objectives.


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