How to Make a Website for Smartphones

Every quality business will have a website. Whether you choose to design your site yourself or use professionals in website design in California, you'll need somewhere for customers to go online to view your business information. You'll also want to pop up on a mobile local search by having a site that's optimized for viewing from a mobile device.

The best way to optimize your business website for viewing on a mobile phone is to utilize a...

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Mobile Marketing: A Smart Tool for Local Businesses

Mobile Marketing means finding ways to market your product for a mobile phone audience. Smartphones, whether the iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other types, are becoming more widely used by people because of the technology and the quality of the Internet use. In fact, today 43% of all mobile phone users have smartphones, a staggering statistic that will only continue to balloon in the next five years. Different companies are beginning to target mobile ideas and henceforth become a local search marketing company because of the seemingly infinite expanse of creative...

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