How to Design Your Business Website for Orange County Customers

Building a small-business website is complicated. You’ve got to secure a domain name, generate content, and figure out how to help people find it. By the time the entire process is complete, you just want to get back to business. But websites are all about doing business. And if you really want a website that works, you should take one more look at yours before you turn your attention back to the day-to-day operations of the office. Yes, before you flip the proverbial switch and go live with your new site, take a look at it through another lens—the design lens. It’s been said that content is king, and form can be fun. Both are true,...

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How to Grow Local Customer Base in Orange County

Local businesses need to focus on customer acquisition and retention to achieve their revenue objectives. There are various online marketing strategies that business are looking for, like better website design in Orange County to reach prospective customers in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

To get more leads and customers for your business, it is important to understand local marketing principles.

Below are 6 ways in which you generate leads and grow your customer base in OC:

  1. Get Listed on Local...

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How to Find a Good Web Design Company in Orange County

Having a professional website can take your business to the next level. A good website is more than just a beautiful design. A good website is the one that is designed to be easily found on search engines, provide a good user experience to visitors, and make visitors become leads. If you are searching for a company offering professional web design in Orange County, go for one that can design your site for conversions. Related: Read This Post »

How to Make a Website for Smartphones

Every quality business will have a website. Whether you choose to design your site yourself or use professionals in website design in California, you'll need somewhere for customers to go online to view your business information. You'll also want to pop up on a mobile local search by having a site that's optimized for viewing from a mobile device.

The best way to optimize your business website for viewing on a mobile phone is to utilize a...

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January 2012 Google Search Updates

Although the January 2012 Google updates are less noteworthy than the initial introduction of Panda, they provide evidence that the search engine giant continues to focus on providing results that are faster, more timely and more accurate.

Finding Only the Freshest Results

Minor improvements were made to the freshness update that Google implemented in November. "Freshness" refers to search results with an element of timeliness, such as hot topics or recent events. The latest change in this area involves an improvement in Google's date detection method, which determines the age of a document on the Web. To...

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Why You Need to be on Google+

There are number of reasons why anyone doing online promotion or marketing needs to have Google+ as part of their Internet strategy. It takes a business from the shadows and gives it maximum visibility. For example, businesses conducting Internet marketing in Orange County can be seen by Google+ and regular Google users around the world.

Search rankings are everything when it comes to Internet marketing. If a company is not...

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Web Trends for 2012: How SEO, Social Media, Blogging, Web Design & Analytics Will Change

Since the inception of the Internet, how a business has shaped its Internet presence has changed from simple webpages to flashy websites and full-fledged social media fueled marketing campaigns. Companies must not only consider how they present themselves, but must also be cognizant of the methods used to make their presence known. SEO Factors Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important if a business intends to make money online. Even a business that uses the Internet just to establish a presence or announce themselves an expert in their field has to carefully choose its keywords, and make sure it presents content...

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What to Look for When Outsourcing Your Website

For small businesses, it is essential that every dollar is wisely invested for the long term success for the organization. With an uncertain economic outlook and customers becoming more conservative in regards to their spending habits, it is important that smaller firms devise a robust website strategy.

The most important factor to ensure that efforts put forth toward utilizing the Internet in reaching potential customers is to cater to their needs. A local search...

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Social Media Marketing Pros Compiled

Earlier the question was Should we do social media marketing" Now the question is what platform is suitable for social media marketing. SMM works best when combined with offsite marketing and helps cut down offsite marketing costs by continuing with the hype created by the offsite initiative online.

Compiled below is a list of social media marketing pros. Once you have them in a single place it is easier to chalk out your social media objective. Once the objective is clear you can easily choose the right SMM platform for your...

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Online Press Release Guidelines

Generally, as business owners we all know exactly what we want to include in our press release. However there are certain guidelines that we need to follow to ensure that people can find us when they search for us online and search engines know which news to deliver when people ask for them.

Normally a press release is based on the format of

  • Headline
  • Summary
  • Dateline and Lead
  • Body
  • Boilerplate Statement
  • Contact Information

The headline and summary must be strong enough...

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