How Local Businesses Can Use Snapchat to Grow

use snapchat to grow business They are between the ages of 18 and 34. They have tons of talent, travel in packs and tend not to trust mainstream media and traditional advertising. They're millennials, and your local business isn't likely to grow without them. The question is how to connect with them, convince them to give your brand or business a look and then convert them into customers. The...

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10 LinkedIn Optimization Tips to Boost Your Personal Brand

How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Persence

LinkedIn is a useful social network for speeding up a job search and connecting with desirable employers. It's also a resource viewed favorably by employers, who use it as a tool to accelerate their search for appropriate candidates. The network has over 3 million company profiles while over 88% of Fortune 100 companies use it for recruiting. Here are 10 useful tips to maximize this powerful resource in your quest for...

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Tips to Boost Customer Enagement on Your Social Media Profile

The number of people actively using social media has exceeded two billion, according to the latest research conducted by Facebook. It's not just posting fun photographs and communicating with school friends that makes people want to log in but also, the fact that social networks are now a powerful tool for business. From getting likes on business-related posts to gaining followers through consistent interaction, it's easy to connect with customers on a more personal level through networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What Is a Social Media...

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