Google AdWords: Reporting to Go Easier for Multi-Channel Users

Google AdWords has announced that in the next few weeks, it will be rolling out three new reporting features to make reporting management easier for the multi-channel advertisers. This will help them find and analyze the relevant data more conveniently than ever.

Here are the three new AdWords reporting feature that will ease up certain tasks.

Filtering Your Account by Campaign Type

Want to...

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AdWords Phone Verification Becomes Mandatory for Call & Location Extensions

Google AdWords has officially announced that starting this June, they will ask the advertisers to verify the ownership for all call extension and location extension phone numbers. Call extensions and location extensions that do not meet this new policy will be disapproved from serving ads with these extensions.

This new announcement reveals how strict AdWords is becoming- advertisers will need to provide proof that phone numbers associated with ads are associated with the business...

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Google AdWords Top Movers Report Gets an Update

Beginning this week, AdWords will be having a more simplified Top movers report so that any of the users can spot and make improvements in their account more easily than ever.

What has improved?

One such upgrade in the AdWords top movers report is the inclusion of a summary table that will show you the top as well as the total changes in “Costs”, “Clicks”, “Converted clicks” and “Conversions”. [See image]

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Google AdWords to Remove Untapped Entities from Your Account

With the onset of March 23, 2015, Google AdWords will start removing all those ads which have not accumulated a single impression or have been removed for more than 100 days. This announcement featured on AdWords Help Center also states that once such ads are removed, you won’t be able to access them at all.

This move by AdWords will end the complexities of your AdWords account so that you can have a better experience while working with it. Here is an example from Google AdWords to make this clearer --

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Call-Only Ad: A New Feature in Google AdWords

Google AdWords has added a new ad type called “Call-only Ad” recently for some of the accounts. The new ad type will help advertisers put their own phone numbers into the ad. This will enable call the business directly. Now, with this new feature mobile advertisers have an option to create Call Only Ads in their account, which will give them a more precise way to manage click to call conversions for their account.

Call Only Ad: A New Feature in Google AdWords

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Optimize Love: How to Sell Well with PPC on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day brings retailers about $13 billion each year as over 60 percent of consumers participate in this annual celebration of relationships, according to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association. Here are some ways that your online business can capitalize on this loved filled day.

Start Your AdWords Campaign Early

Some online retailers begin their AdWords campaign for Valentine's Day as early as January. As long as you get the campaign going the weeks...

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