Predictions That Will Revamp Digital Marketing in 2015

Planning and good planning is a marketer’s weapon. So here’s a sneak peek for businesses and marketers as to what will matter in 2015.

Content Is and Will Continue to be the Most Vital Factor

Inspired content will make a difference. Lots of companies and businesses out there are creating good content. How will you stand out? The secret lies in mapping the content to the purchase funnel. For the bottom of the funnel keep content light and humorous if possible. This will create brand awareness and enable retention. Middle of the funnel try...

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Content Marketing: 6 Steps to Integrate SEO Best Practices

Everyone seeks the glory of Google’s first page, yet many do so with content that’s not Google-friendly. If you can build pages the way search engines want them, your pages will quickly move to the top. Here are 6 SEO methods that belong in every digital marketer’s toolkit. Keyword Conversion The pivotal step of content creation is the proper use of keywords. Keyword placement is perhaps the dominant force of SEO. The keyword or phrase is what the user is searching for; therefore, the keyword should be located in a prominent position, within...

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2013: The Year That Saw Link Building Strategy Suffer

Link building in 2013 underwent a serious identity crisis. The major factors that led to the death of link building revolted around Google getting smarter and the users getting even savvier. Therefore, the traditional links were slowly getting clouded by Google shopping ads, image and news results. This made it even harder for a successful link-building since it was hard to figure out what exactly you were building for. Therefore, the success of link...

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4 Social Media Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2014

Online businesses are realizing in 2013 that social media is the message, which is creating a major shift in marketing towards social media engagement. Businesses are learning that building an online community through social media is the key to nurturing and converting sales leads. Social media is not a place for direct sales and is more suited for developing leads than sending traffic to your online hubs for landing pages.

Content Marketing Google+ is attracting a significant following now that the "+1" button plays an important role in Google's search rankings. While Facebook and Twitter have popularized fun and...

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