3 Ways to Promote Your Content After it Goes Live

content marketing After creating and posting your content, the next important task is promotion. If the content cannot reach your target audience, you will not get traffic, leads, or subscribers. This is why content promotion is just as important as creating quality content. There are three main ways in which you can promote your content:
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
While certain types of content lead to great results when promoted through specific channels, any content can be promoted through the three methods above. Let’s discuss some of the strategies you can use to promote your content.

Social Media Marketing

via GIPHY Social media marketing is all about getting your message to the right people and at the right time. However, you should not only get your message out, but also listen to what your connections are saying. Social media marketing is a two-way conversation. There are various ways you can use social media sites to promote your content:
  • Tweet new content to reach your followers
  • Use hashtags to find people interested in your content and tweet to them
  • Share the content on your Facebook page and relevant groups
  • Use pay per click options on Facebook, such as sponsored posts, to reach more people
Having a social media marketing strategy will make it easy to generate traffic to your content and get new leads. Also Read: Social Media Marketing Hacks to Amp Up Your Productivity

Email Marketing

via GIPHY Have you been building a list over time? If so, let the subscribers know when you post new content. Your email subscribers have already engaged with you in the past. This means they are already interested in your business, and possibly the content you create. Here are some ways of promoting your content through email marketing.
  • Send an email newsletter to subscribers letting them know of your existing content
  • Reach out to industry bloggers for content cross-promotion opportunities
  • Create a roundup of your posts in your weekly newsletter
  • Put the content in your email signature
When sending emails, make sure your message is relevant to the subscribers you want to reach. Also, explain what the subscribers should expect of the content you are directing them to.

Search Engine Optimization

via GIPHY Search engine optimization (SEO) should be done prior and after posting your content. When creating your articles, use target keywords in them. Also, implementing simple on-page SEO strategies like using Alt and H1 tags helps. When the post goes live, it’s time to create links. You can get high quality links to your content through various ways, including:
  • Leaving comments on relevant blogs and forums that allow a backlink to your article
  • Submitting guest posts on high traffic blogs in your niche and linking to your article
  • Connecting with other bloggers and getting them to link to your article
  • Link to the new post from older posts
When carrying out off-page optimization, do it naturally. Avoid the temptation of using automated tools to build backlinks. We are not in 2008. Creating whitehat links is the way to go and, in fact, easier than using blackhat methods. Content promotion is key to generating traffic, leads and sales. The above is an overview of strategies you can use to promote your content.

Akaash Prasad

Akaash Prasad is a UC Irvine alumnus who earned his bachelor's degree in Economics. As Digital Account Manager at GMR Web Team, he is responsible for a wide array of marketing activities from strategy development to implementation. In his free time, Akaash enjoys playing basketball, practicing photography, and reading.

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