Content Marketing: 6 Steps to Integrate SEO Best Practices

Everyone seeks the glory of Google’s first page, yet many do so with content that’s not Google-friendly. If you can build pages the way search engines want them, your pages will quickly move to the top. Here are 6 SEO methods that belong in every digital marketer’s toolkit. Keyword Conversion The pivotal step of content creation is the proper use of keywords. Keyword placement is perhaps the dominant force of SEO. The keyword or phrase is what the user is searching for; therefore, the keyword should be located in a prominent position, within the first sentence of the first paragraph. This is one method search engines determine if the content is a good match. Back links It’s not just the quantity of links that matter; it is also the quality of those links. You want links that are relevant to your website and also provide the site more credibility. For example, if your site is about “Nike running shoes”, you’ll get more vigor from a link having to do with running shoes or exercise or marathons, because they are all relevant to “Nike running shoes.” Image Optimization Images have become a compelling focal point that draws more interest and keeps visitors on the page, not to mention images are a pivotal factor in SEO rankings.
  • Constructively place your keyword in the file name.
  • Use descriptive ALT tags to communicate what the picture is about. This makes it easier for search engine spiders to understand what type of file you display.
Meta Content Here’s an opportunity to provide short introductory descriptions for your visitor and for Google robots. This information appears in the search results and provides relevance about your website. Internal Anchor Text Utilizing anchor text has become more important to search ranking position. Anchor text provides an opportunity to link useful information together and help visitors locate more information on the same subject. Effective Sitemaps Often overlooked, sitemaps are the most efficient road maps to help people quickly locate what they need.

Sangeeta Kumar

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