SMX Advanced June 12: Track 1

Pre Lunch session roundup. Finally in Seattle for SMX Advanced! It’s actually thrilling to be here anticipating the exchange of ideas and gaining new insights. Grey weather, but great networking over breakfast. As it always happens all the best sessions are happening simultaneously. Currently attending the revised periodic table of SEO ranking, the 2013 edition. Here are the main takeaways:
  • It's no longer needed to optimize for 'movie reviews' and 'movie’‘reviews’ separately.
  • 3 seconds is the optimal loading time, but then 3 seconds is also the optimal attention span. So you need to work on loading time.
  • By 2016 Google+ will overtake Facebook. So if you are a long-term player, use G+.
  • Natural links make you stronger. Dump anchor text.
  • Case studies conducted show that Twitter and Pinterest have no impact on rankings.
  • In the track on best practices for enhanced campaigns, the general outlook was gloomy.
And lunch was delicious! Looking forward to more sessions to come, and will be back with more updates. Stay tuned. #SMX

Sangeeta Kumar

Sangeeta Kumar is the Vice President of Web Marketing for GMR Web Team, a global online marketing, strategy, development and maintenance agency. Sangeeta is a jack-of-all-trades kinda person in the world of Internet marketing, excelling in market research to come up with a strategy based on the latest trends to get a website on page 1. She knows her stuff and enjoys a good discussion on SEO anywhere, anytime.

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