SMX Advanced June 12: Track 1

Pre Lunch session roundup. Finally in Seattle for SMX Advanced! It’s actually thrilling to be here anticipating the exchange of ideas and gaining new insights. Grey weather, but great networking over breakfast. As it always happens all the best sessions are happening simultaneously. Currently attending the revised periodic table of SEO ranking, the 2013 edition. Here are the main takeaways:

  • It's no longer needed to optimize for 'movie reviews' and 'movie’‘reviews’ separately.
  • 3 seconds is the optimal loading time,...

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How Local Businesses Can Benefit from Facebook Collections

Facebook is testing a new feature dubbed "Collections," which has the potential to add a whole new level of depth to the social media gargantuan. When participating businesses create a Collections post, viewers have the option to "Want," "Collect," or "Like" the item. Wanting the item adds it to a wishlist, while collecting or liking it will add it to the user's saved products list. This new feature offers some of the same functionality as sites like Amazon, Google+ and Pinterest, which is why they're unveiling it to begin with. Small...

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