5 Amazing Halloween Ideas for Your Ecommerce Site

Halloween is a time when a lot of people are starting to really get into the shopping mode. In fact, even if you don’t sell Halloween costumes or traditional holiday gifts, the Halloween season can be an excellent time to boost your business online.


However, if you really want to have some upward growth this holiday season, chances are you’re going to need to change your website. Use these five amazing Halloween ideas to help increase the revenue of your Ecommerce website – at least during the holiday season.

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  1. Change Your Design Scheme

    You may not want a total site makeover, but changing the first page that customers see when they visit your site to something black and red or black and orange can show that you’re in the spirit. Pumpkin-related or ghoulish imagery can also set the tone, even if you don’t sell products even remotely related to Halloween.

    It’s about getting in the spirit of the holiday like your customers.

  2. Use Video

    Even if your company doesn’t have anything to do with Halloween, adding some fun videos to your site or social media profile can help generate more business by making your company more relatable. You don’t have to post horror movies – even Vine videos of your dog in a Halloween costume can generate more attention for your business.

  3. Use Newsletters

    A Halloween-related newsletter is entirely appropriate for your business – even if you don’t sell Halloween goods. Let your customers know what’s going on over the holiday, if you’re having a sale or just that you’re wishing them a happy Halloween.

    Just make sure you don’t send more than one Halloween newsletter.

  4. Give Discounts

    It might sound too easy, but a Halloween sale can make all the difference. Just knocking off 10% of your overall prices or having a more specific sale can help boost sales.

  5. Blog Wisely

    If your company has a blog, Halloween is an ideal topic for the month of October. Even if you’re not a Halloween-based business, topics like safe trick-or-treating will work to attract more attention.

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