How to Launch a Small Business Today and Market it Online

Launching a small business on a small budget can be done effectively, if you combine organization, engagement and imagination. It can be completely promoted on the internet in a matter of months, if you dedicate enough time and energy to the business. It may not have the same benefits as traditional mass media advertising, but it's possible to capture a target market online to get your business rolling quickly by taking the following steps.

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  • Make sure the purpose of the site is clear and has easy navigation
  • Content needs to be compelling and structured for SEO without overdoing it
  • Use attractive graphics that do not distract from the content
  • Keywords appear in title, meta tags and content without spamming
  • Each page needs a Call-to-Action to drive further user activity
  • Optimize your site for mobile users

Write Blogs

  • Write about your expertise to gain authority with search engines
  • Mix personality with unique informative content to build user loyalty
  • Keep blogs fresh with a constant stream of new content

Promote Your Site

  • Register your business with local search sites like Yelp
  • Send out press releases about your business through PRWeb
  • Become involved with a community event and notify local media
  • Create a pay-per-click advertising account with Google AdWords
  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce
  • Consider partnering with other businesses for offline advertising
  • Join (HARO) to get free publicity from media outlets

Engage in Social Media

  • Open accounts with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest
  • Build profiles that provide your business contact information
  • Share colorful images and your blogs
  • Respond to followers who ask questions
  • Expand your networks

Create an Email List

  • Capture leads through email and social media
  • Score leads as hot, warm or cold to prioritize sales efforts
  • Build individual profiles for customers using email marketing software
  • Send personalized emails to users that give permission for correspondence

Monitor Website Statistics

  • Use Google Analytics to study user behavior
  • Study bounce rate (the percentage of users who leave after one page)
  • Compare available audience with target audience
  • Work on refining your business plan based on web statistics

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