7 Easy Moves to Rise Upwards in the Your Brand Love Curve

Reaching a target market through advertising is an important step in exposing a brand, but successful business requires going a step further. Customer loyalty should be your ultimate goal once you have developed brand awareness. Today's consumer values good deals, but part of that dynamic means quality they can trust. Here are some additional steps you can take to achieve brand loyalty.

1. Pay attention to product quality.

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How to Launch a Small Business Today and Market it Online

Launching a small business on a small budget can be done effectively, if you combine organization, engagement and imagination. It can be completely promoted on the internet in a matter of months, if you dedicate enough time and energy to the business. It may not have the same benefits as traditional mass media advertising, but it's possible to capture a target market online to get your business rolling quickly by taking the following steps.

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8 Marketing Myths That Stifle the Growth of Your Business

Sometimes when marketers do too much research without questioning sources, encountering myths about marketing is quite common, especially when it comes to the internet marketing. Part of the problem is that there are many marketers who claim to be experts even though in reality, they lack experience. Since marketing involves imagination, which almost everyone possesses, many novices feel that their creative ideas are worth sharing. This leads to ideas that may not necessarily be factual. Moreover, Internet marketing myths also arise because...

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