How to Launch a Small Business Today and Market it Online

Launching a small business on a small budget can be done effectively, if you combine organization, engagement and imagination. It can be completely promoted on the internet in a matter of months, if you dedicate enough time and energy to the business. It may not have the same benefits as traditional mass media advertising, but it's possible to capture a target market online to get your business rolling quickly by taking the following steps.

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The 5 Second Test Is Critical for Website Design

It's not a very long time--Vine's increasingly popular looping video clips are a whole one second longer. But it's an important amount of time during which the visitor will decide, consciously or subconsciously, whether or not to stick around, explore and maybe even do business with you.

Why five seconds? The short answer is that people have shortened attention spans. The longer answer is that there are so many other options available to them that people don't have the...

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4 Social Media Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2014

Online businesses are realizing in 2013 that social media is the message, which is creating a major shift in marketing towards social media engagement. Businesses are learning that building an online community through social media is the key to nurturing and converting sales leads. Social media is not a place for direct sales and is more suited for developing leads than sending traffic to your online hubs for landing pages.

Content Marketing Google+ is attracting a significant following now that the "+1" button...

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Success Criteria for Online Businesses

Regardless of whether you intend to start a new online business or reinvent the one you already run, it's very important to know that business success doesn't depend on getting a revolutionary idea or opting for a market segment with little competition, but on following specific criteria.

In fact, developing unique products or services that nobody has tested before or choosing a market segment with fewer competitors is the worst possible idea. That's because you have no proof that specific products, services or markets are functional....

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Saying No to Business Leads

"....since the past few months some of your online scope analysis report has been added with don't take this site. May I know why I should refuse a site when you have identified it as potential scope for online business'?" My boss' email went on to give a few references.

In fact, I did not even know that I had done this (selective amnesia?) or was doing this often (split personality?). I was stumped. Why was I doing this?

NOTE: I never meet the client or communicate with them...

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Podcasting In Internet Marketing

Advances in alternatives and the decrease of associated costs have taken search engine marketing techniques far beyond the optimization of written content, blogs and articles. One of the most visible and well-known of these advances is YouTube, the video sharing site purchased by Google for $1.65 billion in 2006. A second advance, though not as ubiquitous as YouTube, is the podcast. A podcast is a digital media file which can be distributed over the internet using syndicated feeds for playback on portable media players, laptops and personal...

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Going Beyond the Usual

Online businesses go out of the way to promote themselves. Often the promotion is blatant.

But there is no single step to conversion and after the fist step often nothing happens. So how do you convert your leads into interested prospects?

Simple: Go beyond the usual.

In the offline world we see it happen often. The handyman may thoroughly clean out the garage though it wasn't a part of the job. Your garage mechanic may use some petrol to clean out an old stain in your car upholstery. What will you do? Next time...

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Making Market Testing and Analyzing a part of your Internet Strategy

Overnight online success is extremely rare. Most successes are a culmination of the testing, analyzing, improving and testing cycle.
If you really want online success, or even offline success, then you must understand the importance of correct marketing testing.

Ask yourself these questions as a starting point:

  1. Do I have a website strategy?
  2. What is my ROI on each strategy?
  3. Am I you split testing your content?
  4. Is tracking installed on each page of my

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